My Monthly Binge — March


I binge watch a lot of TV.  I can no longer be bothered to watch a TV programme and then have to wait a week for the next one (current cases in point: Baptiste and Mother, Father, Son.  Watched one of each and promptly forgot about them and when the next one came on I had forgotten half the plot) so I tend to binge a whole series in one sitting.  Or maybe a few sittings but it is the only programme I watch until I am done, and then I move on to the next one.   I found that watching Designated Survivor, Scandal, Madam Secretary, The West Wing and House of Cards all at the same time meant that when Obama suddenly appeared on my TV I had forgotten he was the ‘actual’ President, and that I was getting characters confused.

Working from home and needing to concentrate means that I am generally in front of my computer, AirPods in, iPad on with the latest show running.  Ten hours a day, five days a week.    That’s a lot of TV.   So when people online say “anybody watched anything good recently?” I jump in with a few suggestions and recommendations.

Hence this post.

Running monthly (as the name suggests) Mummy Barrow’s Monthly Binge is going to be a round up of stuff I have watched recently on either terrestrial TV or streaming services and suggest you watch too, but will be limited to five shows or I could go on for pages!

I am also open to your suggestions so if you have anything you think I should be watching and mentioning do let me know.

There will be no spoilers!

I don’t have a favourite genre really though I am not a fan of horror or Sci-Fi so you wont see too many of those mentioned but I will try to make sure that I cover stuff everybody can watch and not just those with a subscription to one service.

Cheat — ITV

This recently ran over four consecutive nights on ITV and had me gripped over all four episodes.  Not only because it ran for an hour each night so you could remember what had happened but because there was a relatively small cast (only half a dozen characters) so it was easy to keep up.

University lecturer Dr Leah Dale suspects Rose, a final-year student of cheating on an essay but what seems to be a simple case of academic deception soon spirals out of control.

New Amsterdam — Amazon Prime Video

This is on Amazon Prime Video and is currently one season, made up of 13 episodes though season 2 is coming in May this year.   It is set in the oldest public hospital in America and is inspired by the experiences of its medical director.   The medical director in this drama is Dr Max Goodwin who is battling hospital politics and his own private dilemmas.    Each episode is roughly 45 minutes and wraps up one patient’s story whilst also giving us more information on each of the main characters.

If you like Holby and Grey’s you will love this one and with only one series at the moment it isn’t too overwhelming to get stuck into.

Fleabag — BBC

This is one not to watch with your kids or parents unless you are not easily embarrassed by all watching sex scenes together.   The main character, Fleabag, is in her own words “angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious” and does that talking to the camera sideways thing that Miranda used to do but in a somehow less cheesy fashion.  Fleabag is a sex mad single woman who is running a cafe that she started with a friend and her life now seems to be in freefall.    Now on season 2 and they are only added weekly but there isn’t too much of a plot to mean catching up is a struggle.

Dirty John — Netflix

This was originally a podcast based on the true events surrounding a conman called John Meehan.   This series of 8 episodes on Netflix charts how John wooed his latest victim, Debra Newell and made her believe he was a charming, successful anaesthetist.     As the story unfolds with Debra and her family we get an insight into John’s background and his past.   It’s easy to say “How could Debra have been so stupid?” but actually none of us go into a relationship thinking we are going to be duped, and Eric Bana portrays John Meehan to be so believable it is clear how easy it would be.    Plus Debra is played by Connie Britton who can do no wrong in my eyes (side note, if you haven’t seen “911, what’s your emergency?” in which she stars, please do).    Series 2 is rumoured to be imminent.

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair — NOW TV

Talking of Grey’s Anatomy above, if you need your fix of McDreamy then this mini series is the one for you.   Patrick Dempsey plays the lead in this 10 episode mini series on NOW TV where he stands accused of murdering a young girl called Nola Kellergan years before.    I binged this in a whole day when it was one of the new series that launched Sky Witness back in September last year and absolutely loved it so it is great to see it is on NOW TV so those of us without Sky can watch it.


That is it for this month, I will be back with April’s post just in time for some Easter bingeing!

Don’t forget to let me know if you have seen something you think I might like.


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  • I have been recording Baptiste and I’m planning to watch it all in one go.
    I have the last episode of Cheat to watch, I watched the first 3 earlier today and I can’t wait to see how it ends.
    Dirty John was brilliant! I didn’t know the story so I was quite shocked at the end.