We need to send more thank you gifts

We need to send more thank you gifts


Don’t you think?  Don’t you think that sending thank you gifts is something we just don’t do enough? Or RGFNPR as Mr B and I call them: random gifts for no particular reason.   Something that just says “I was thinking of you”.

Twice this week I have wanted to thank people properly though because they have gone out of their way and done things for me that really meant the world to me.  Simple things but they saved me hours of time and possibly my sanity and I wanted to recognise just how grateful I was.   Saying a profuse thank you can be forgotten but sending a card or thank you gifts is a bit more memorable and for the sake of a few Pounds can make somebody’s day.   It is something I really think we should consider doing as often as we can.   Imagine how much happier the world would be if we were all doing this.

My parents are great senders of cards.  Not a birthday or Christmas goes by without them making sure they have sent their official thank you cards and it always makes me smile that they have taken the time to do it.   Makes me wish I could be organised enough to do the same but I always seem to forget, or I write them and forget to post them.

Not this week though with my thank you gifts, I have made sure that I write a note to remind myself to get this organised so both of these people know how grateful I was.

So what to send, after all you don’t want to spend a fortune, it’s just a small gesture after all and not a full blown gift as such.


Always a winner in my book.   Thorntons for instance have a whole range of thank you gifts, including some that can be personalised and they have things from just a few Pounds, up to hampers (if you wanted to do a collective thank you for a teacher for instance).   Oh and if you do happen to be on their website, check out their chocolate Christmas models that are only £1!


If you are going to be seeing the person to deliver the gift in person, there is nothing nicer than a small bunch of daffodils at this time of year I don’t think.   Nothing says that winter is behind us and spring is on its way quite like seeing a little of splash of yellow on a coffee table.  Supermarkets have them for just a few Pounds too.


You can never have too many notebooks in my opinion.   My current collection is up to 12 but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be grateful if somebody sent me another one.

Just saying!

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