Mummy Meltdown

Come on we have all been there.  That moment where you get tipped completely over the edge and become that screaming she-devil.

I had such a moment last year.   Whilst on holiday.  A moment that amongst some of our friends is now the stuff of legend.

We had all been griping at each other all day.   The heat, the jetlag, the five of us in a car with bad air conditioning, whatever it was we were all driving each other nuts.   Voices were getting more and more agitated.   To the point where they were getting raised.    We were all getting frustrated.   Doors were being slammed.

A full blown screaming match then ensued.   Words were exchanged that probably shouldn’t have been.   Loudly.  Very very loudly.

More doors got slammed.

In a semi detached villa

With slatted shutters and mesh for windows.

So sound carries

The argument continued and I slammed another door and headed upstairs to finish sorting out dinner (as you do during a full blown row)

I screamed “come and eat” and three teenagers stomped upstairs

As we sat down on the terrace and began eating in silence, all hating each other and swallowing not only dinner but also another thing we wanted to say we heard, from next door, two tiny voices


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear daddy

Happy birthday to you

The last night for the gorgeous Scottish couple next door with the two adorable toddlers and also daddy’s birthday







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