My favourite corner of our house

I was asked if I would submitted this picture to participate in the Home Love contest.   A competition open to everybody who wants to share a corner of their home that they love.   The prize is £500 so it seemed like too good an opportunity to miss (I don’t normally blog competitions).  Do take a look and enter if you have a favourite corner too.

Well here is mine.

This is our kitchen.   It really is the centre of our home, the heart of all that goes on here.

Part of the house that just after we bought it we nearly lost.  Literally.  A long and painful story of council failings and lying vendors left us with a planning nightmare that meant we very nearly had to demolish half of the house we had just bought and moved into.   It took eighteen months of fighting to keep it.

That behind us the original kitchen never really worked for us.  It was clearly designed by a single man who had no clue about family living so one of we ripped it out and started again.

That table is where you find me having a quiet five minutes with a cup of tea.

Escaping football on the TV with a sudoku.

Chatting to the teens before or after school.

Supervising cake making by the teens

Filling in forms for a school trip

Making phone calls for Victim Support as I look into the garden.

Eating romantic meals with Mr B

Or raucous meals with friends

It all happens here and really is my favourite corner of the house.



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