My line in the sand

I feel I need to draw one, you know, a line in the sand.  A full stop has a finality to it and, well, there is no finality here.  But there does need to be a line drawn in the sand.

For me, if nobody else.

The past few months have been tough, if I am honest.  Sliding into Christmas always leaves me feeling, I don’t know really but it doesn’t leave me feeling chipper.  Off the back of giving up work in September, starting something else that didn’t pan out, it all felt a bit much as the new year loomed.

Then Ellie was unwell and went from being a trooper who never complains to, well, being somebody who needed an IV for a few days.  And of course then Jim, my gorgeous father in law, had a stroke that has taken out his “good side” and left him in hospital.   At the opposite end of the M6.   Mr B has spent the past couple of weekends heading north to be with him, making sure he gets to see the Six Nations despite the TV room in the hospital being closed for refurbishment, and to make sure his mum has somebody to lean on for decisions that need to be made over the coming months.

So life has not been what we expected of it in 2018.  We thought this might be the year to finally get the bathroom done, and to clear the garage.  But nope, it isn’t shaping up that way.

To be honest I have been in a fug and not really feeling much like blogging.  The two  year anniversary of my headache diagnosis left me feeling grim, to say the least.

But onwards and upwards as they say.   There is much to be grateful for this year, and much positive stuff to focus on.  Like a wedding in June!  My eldest, Caity, is getting married and is deep in planning mode with Dan so I need to finally think about my mother of the bride outfit.

We have been picked to be ambassadors for James Villas and are off to Menorca with them at the end of June.   Something to really look forward to.  Then later in the year we have a big family holiday with my parents to get excited about too.

I have been trying to get healthier (what a time to have given up alcohol, cake, biscuits and chocolate, huh?) and and approaching having lost a stone in five weeks.    Who knows, I might even join a gym.   Though I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So this is my line in the sand.  My “enough wallowing” post.  A coincidence that my word of the year is also “Enough“.


Time to crack on

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