My Week — July 19th

#MyWeek July 19
Well where has that week gone?!  Mind you weeks when you are on holiday always tend to go faster than when you are at home, don’t they?  We might be away on holiday but blimey it has been a busy week.   But what have you all been up to?  Do tell me!
For us Sunday was a family day and fabulous.  Caity and Dan have moved in to house and dog sit for us whilst we are away so they arrived with their kitten and all her paraphernalia.   I swear she needs more than a new born.    We started the day by sorting out Caity’s phone contract and since she didn’t need a new phone (having bought one a while ago) I managed to snaffle the new iphone 6 she had been offered.  Kerching.   An afternoon of sorting it all out followed and then lots of oohs as I played with the camera.   And wondered how I had managed with my old 4 for so long.
Monday  morning started far too early but then we had to be at Gatwick at 8am.   We had been offered “Meet and Greet” parking for a review so that meant we could pull up virtually at the terminal, all rather civilised.    The flight was fab, though it did feel like we were being plied with food and drink constantly, not that I am complaining.   If you haven’t seen “American Sniper” do.  What an extraordinary film.  Though the second one I watched, Gone Girl, I thought was crap.
Loving the play on words
Loving the play on words
We arrived in Barbados in time for sunset and drinks at Mullins Beach Bar with the friends we met on our honeymoon seven years ago.  The holiday had officially started.
Mullins Beach
Tuesday we had a lazy one and milled about doing some bits in the villa and stocking up the fridge in the morning.   Mr B and I visited the fish market and in the afternoon we headed up to the northern most tip of the island and the Animal Flower Cave.  Naturally occurring pools and blow holes that almost feel other worldly.   Mr B and I swam in the pools and wondered if the under water video footage shot on the Go Pro would be worth watching.  I think we know the answer to that, don’t we?     Dinner was our first barbecue, with the fish we had bought earlier.
Millie Ifill Fish Market
Animal Flower Cave
I worked on Wednesday morning because I don’t sleep when I am here and am typically awake at 4am which is 9am in the UK.   Mr B headed out for a 7am tee time and played his first round of golf.  Apparently the less said about it the better.     Dinner was in our favourite bar for sunset cocktails: Zaccio’s.   Their pizzas are legendary, though I polished off their coconut shrimp and more pina coladas than I should probably admit to.
Zaccios Sunset
Thursday  and it was all about the earthquake.  Yes earthquake.  We didn’t realise there had been one at 7am but we certainly felt the one at 11am, 6.4 on the Richter Scale and it was the oddest sensation ever.    Though over before we really had  a chance to really register what was happening .   We decided to head off to Earthworks for lunch.  Their pottery is iconic and just about everywhere on the island, and no trip is complete without visiting the factory and stocking up on new mugs.   The cafe is like a tree house and the view is fabulous so that kept us busy with cameras for a couple of hours.   t was a lazy afternoon ahead of a barbecue for tea
View from Earthworks Cafe
I managed to wake up at 3am on Friday  which was far from ideal.  I don’t know why my body clock goes into meltdown over here.  It drives me mad that I just can’t sleep.   I spent the morning working whilst the teens spent it at the pool.   We had lunch at the little Chattel Houses in Holetown and there may have been more pina coladas.   My body might not be able to cope with the time change but it can certainly cope with pina coladas at lunch time.
We spent the evening with Martin and Rowena, those friends we met on our honeymoon.   They have built a house here so we went off to see their new house which was fabulous.    A stunning self build project that made me want to find a plot of land and do exactly the same thing.    The neighbour’s dog seemed to take a shine to Ellie and Jonnie and wouldn’t leave them alone.
Barbados woofer
I had been looking forward to Saturday and not having to get up even if I did wake up at stupid O’clock.  I did dawn on us though that we hadn’t been in the sea yet so we vowed to head down as soon as we woke up.  Hello deserted beach at 8am
Lower Carlton beach
Mr B had found a cricket match locally to go and watch with a few beers for the afternoon so I dropped him off and then headed out for lunch and quick shopping trip with Ellie and Jonnie.   It baffles me that you can find Waitrose things in the supermarket here.  I really must find out why that is.
Why can you get Waitrose stuff in Barbados
Today being Sunday we are off for a day on the boat with Marvin to do some snorkelling, fishing and swimming with the turtles.   I for one cannot wait.   It’s a highlight of any trip here.
I just hope we can get the Go Pro to behave so we can capture some great pics.
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  • The reason for the British items in the supermarkets is because of us expats and our demands for a ‘taste of home’ we have Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets in Dubai. There are French supermarkets here also, Geant and Carrefour. In South Africa there were no foreign supermarkets but small sections with ‘world foods’ The Spar shop is in SA and the products sold were over inflated in price. You can always spot an expat in a local supermarket, they’re the ones emptying the shelves and yelling ‘look kids, they sell hula hoops and vimto’

  • Fabulous week T, so glad you are having a nice time. One day I’ll get back to Barbados, the place is amazing but it was the friendly people we remember most. Mich xx

  • A new iphone and an earthquake – what a dramatic week! Sounds (and looks) as though you’re having an incredible time despite the lack of sleep. Fab. x

  • What a lovely week!

    I can’t believe you actually experienced an earthquake and then went out for lunch 😉

  • I hope you’ve mastered the art of sleeping beyond stupid o’clock; I’d recommend a couple of pina coladas at bedtime and hope that it helps.

  • Oh wow an earthquake. What an experience. On the sleep issues, why does our body clock do that to us? Could you get some melatonin from a chemist out there? My american friends swear by it.