Bajan Fish Markets


Millie Ifill Fish Market


Along every coast road in Barbados there is a fish market.   It might be an one governed by the Island’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, or it could be a table at the end of somebody’s drive.  Either way, you know it is going some of the best fish you have ever tasted, zero airmiles, and caught within the past 24 hours.

I am not a huge fan of fish, rarely eating it at home, but when in Barbados, well it is the first thing I slam on the barbecue.

Up early yesterday morning we headed out to see if we could get some tuna steaks for tea.  Sadly our nearest market didn’t have any, and when I asked the fisherman he told us that it is hard to get now.  They are beasts to catch, and there are not so many of them.   We asked him what else he had for us and he produced some local flying fish (no menu in Barbados is complete without flying fish done one of several ways) and three Amberjack fish.  Not a fish I had heard of before, or I believe tasted but hey, when in Barbados.

This beast weighed 4kg and the fisherman was happy to “sort it out” for us as I am not very good at that sort of thing.


Amberjack fish in Barbados

Ten minutes later and it was skinned, boned, filleted and handed back to us, in exchange for BDS$48, about £15.

And whilst that was all going on I was admiring the view out of the back door of the market, where the fish are landed every morning.  Not bad is it?



Best way to serve this fish?  With a Banks Beer


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