My week — September 13th


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Bloody hell, don’t faint but it’s a blog post from me.   They have been a bit thin on the ground in recent weeks I know.    A combination of things really.  Mostly absolute and total exhaustion.   A total lack of energy to do anything, including blog, which really isn’t like me.

It’s been building for a while and suddenly it hit me when we were away in France where I still didn’t really get a chance to do nothing.    All I have wanted all summer is a pyjama day (we will gloss over the fact I don’t own a pair of pyjamas), a day of totally doing nothing but knowing that all the cooking and cleaning and general household jobs were being done and that I didn’t have to think about anything other than what to watch next on Netflix or whether to have a Digestive or a chocolate finger.   It didn’t happen.  It can never happen and that really got to me recently.

Along with tooth ache.    A toothache so bad I was on a combination of co-codamol and nurofen every four hours and still awake in the night crying in pain.  I don’t do pain.   I took myself off to the doc who said “We don’t really see you, do we?”.   No you bloody don’t, give me all the drugs NOW.    A trip to the dentist on Monday finally sorted me out.    Dare I say my first trip in eight years.   I know.   Stare at me with that Paddington Bear hard stare.  I just hate dentists.   It generally hurts and then it costs a sodding fortune.   So I don’t tend to bother.

Until it really hurts.

X-rays and a slapped wrist for brushing my teeth too vigorously (who knew you could be told off for brushing your teeth) and I was dispatched with a suggestion of an electric toothbrush.

We also had Jonnie’s birthday this week.   My boy is no longer a teen.   We celebrated by watching the Apple Event where he mentally spent about three grand, then had domino’s and watched Bake Off and Grand Designs.   Not exactly rock and roll but I do love having all of us under one roof.

We ended this week at Goodwood.  I have never been before, but my dad is a member and bought tickets for us to join him and Jonnie on Saturday.  I knew people dressed up for the Revival Festival but I didn’t realise the extent some people would go to.  It was fabulous and I could have people watched all day.   It really was like taking a step back into 1950s England.   Vintage ice cream stands, Brylcreme’d hair, seamed stocks and lots and lots of uniforms.   It was fabulous.     I will definitely be going again next year.   And writing about it this week in a bit more detail.

It’s going to be another crazy week as we are off to Greece for a wedding on Thursday

And I might just get that pyjama day after all

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  • So happy that the toothache is sorted, there is no pain more hideous to endure! I’m thinking you need to schedule a pyjama day into your hectic life… although that’s much easier said than done when you’re also a mum.