National Fountain Pen Day

Did you even know that such a day as National Fountain Pen Day existed?  I didn’t until recently.

There does seem to be a National Day for everything these days so it is hardly suprising.  And if you are as bigger lover as stationery as I am there is even a whole week to celebrate the love.

So when I was asked what I wanted to choose to spend my £25 on this month with Bureau Direct (remember I told you last month in a post that I am one of their new bloggers and we all get that amount each month to spend?)  I had this day in mind.   Mr B, you see, is a huge fan of fountain pens.   Well actually one fountain pen in particular, his Mont Blanc that he won in a crossword competition a few years ago.   See, I told you he was clever.


The trouble is though that he loves it so much that he never uses it for fear of losing it, and it lives in his bedside drawer, along with the matching Mont Blanc biro.    Which is why I decided to look into getting him an ink pen he could use without the faff of ink, or of the worry that it would be one of the most expensive things he owns and render him terrified to use it.

I loved Penny and Nickie’s posts last month about their J Herbin pens so decided I would go for one this month for Mr B.   The pen and three little tins of cartridges is only a tenner on the Bureau Direct site so an absolute bargain.  Plus there are 20 colours of inks to choose from so you can add to the collection of cartridges too and have a different colour every day.   It gives you the simplicity of a roller ball but with an ink pen result.   Brilliant.     If I had one criticism it would be that it is slightly too small for me.   But then I guess it is the perfect size for a shirt pocket.


Cute isn’t it?  I really like it and might have to get some other colours of ink next month.  Oh and one of my own.

I also snuck into my basket a fabric pen roll so that my handbag doesnt look like this anymore:

pen roll

A really clever idea I thought, and yet so simple.   It also means my expensive purse won’t get biro all over it again.   Oops.

Image of a fountain pen courtesy of Shutterstock


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  • The fabric roll is a great idea! I’m not sure that even I carry that many pens around day-to-day but I did when I was teaching off-site.

  • I only use cartridge pens but they are so much more glamorous than biros or even gel pens. I used to have a proper fountain pen that you filled from an ink bottle with a plunger but I managed to always get in a mess, so cartridges from now on…but I adore the way the ink glides across the paper…oooh proper posh writing paper…there’s a thing you don’t see much now, proper heavy cream pages…