National Stationery Week



Did you know it was National Stationery week this week?  Chances are you didn’t.  However, if you are one of a growing number stationery addicts like myself, then you will have seen this week looming large in the calendar and been rubbing your hands together in glee.  Safe in the knowledge that our Pinterest and Twitter streams will be full of #NatStatWeek gorgeousness.

Today is Pen and Pencil day and to celebrate this I was sent a bundle of Zebra Pens in all sorts of colours, along with some of their “Z-grip” smooth ballpoint pens.  They brighten up every entry in my diary and make me smile when I use them.  I did also have to give up a load of them  to the girls who seem to have inherited my love of all things pen.

Zebra Pens

Thursday is National Notebook Day so to recognise this I was also sent two A4 notebooks, one of which Mr B instantly took a shine too and nabbed.  I can see I am going to have to start keeping these stationery gifts a secret.   Both of them from Nu, one a 160 page pink covered every day notebook with ruled lines that is great for making notes during phone calls (I always have a notebook open next to me on the desk for general notes and doodles).   The other a more heavy duty and beautiful looking brown covered book, that is not only lined but has a pocket at the back for keeping loose bits of paper.  I was going to keep each month’s receipts in it, until I lost possession of it.

For Friday and Saturday it is a double whammy of National Get Organised Day and National Diary day so we also got a Dodo diary / organiser / doodle pad / note book.  I have long been a fan of Lord Dodo, they can do no wrong in my mind.   I can’t survive without a big diary and my family have long known that if it is not in the diary it is not happening, a philosophy that Lord Dodo certainly supports!  Not only are these diaries functional, they are great fun to look at too and brighten any boring day in the office.   Even their website is stunning to look at.


Lastly is something that is not exactly sexy but no school holiday “back to school” preparation is complete without it.   A box of maths equipment from Helix.  I remember these from when I was growing up, protractor long since lost but the tin was still used for sticky notes in the lid and bits of pencil and chewing gum.  I loved it.   Not that I was any good of course at maths, my lack of a maths GCSE is something I have talked about on my blog in the past but who doesn’t love a compass and protractor?

Sunday is National Write a Letter Day and I shall be getting out the Sheaffer Pen that I was sent last month and write a proper letter to somebody.  Which means I need to go out and buy some writing paper, right?  Lots and lots of writing paper.

If you are on Twitter do follow @NatStatWeek or the #NatStatWeek for all sorts of updates, giveaways and generally lovely pictures.

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  • No I didn’t know it was National Stationary Week – thanks for sharing that!

    OooOO the legendary Zebra Pen Z Grips! I can really appreciate the fancy designs. I’m not a fan of the plastic, but the rubber grip makes up for that.

    I flippin’ love the rubber grips. I favor the Zebra Pens F-301 in green because of the stainless steel barrel, but the plastic pens are super nice to doodle with.

    Happy Tuesday from Philadelphia, USA!