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Need a career change? Here’s how to make it happen

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After some years of doing the same thing, we need a bit of a change. It makes sense, though, as a lot of people look for a new place to live and shake up their style a bit once they become bored with it – but, for some reason, it seems like changing your career will be a much more difficult process.

It might be because you already have years worth of experience in your current occupation or even because you’ve built up so many contacts where you already work. No matter what the reason is, it tends to hold us back – and we’re unhappily stuck with the same job.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this hard, and many go-getters before you have successfully changed their career paths without too many hiccups at all. You may have to be a bit patient and persistent but, with the right mindset and a bit of important information, you can definitely make it happen.

Here is a handful of tips in terms of changing your career midlife so that you can get started with what you truly enjoy. It just makes it a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning and be happy with your life, in general.

First: Consider your options before accepting

One of the first things you should do before you get started with this whole process of a career change is, of course, to consider what you actually want to do. That way, you can make a few preparations before you quit your current job and may enjoy a bit of extra security.

It does help to have something lined up before quitting, in general, as it will make you come across a lot more confident when you’re looking for something new. You won’t be desperately looking for a job in order to cover your bills, in other words, and can enjoy the feeling of job hunting simply because you want to – and not because you have to.

Another tip in this regard is to think thoroughly about any job offers that might come your way. You’re not eighteen anymore, looking for work experience, and a way to earn your own money for the first time; any job offers you get should be considered so that you’re not feeling stuck in another boring job after just a short year or so.

Keep this in mind throughout the job hunting process and you’ll be a lot better off. It might be tempting to grab the first offer that pops up or to take a job where your friend works as they recommended it to you. The truth is, that what suits other people might not suit you at all – and it takes some thorough self-assessment before you know what you want.

If you’ve been an expert in your field for a long time and enjoy working with people, a classic move is to consider teaching or coaching. Mostly because we need the skills and motivation that people like you possess; plus, you’ll be able to use your knowledge where it’s needed without having to continue in your previous position.

By all means, teaming up with your friends is a good idea to encourage you to make the actual leap, just make sure you know what you’re jumping into.

Remember not to run in the opposite direction

If you have suffered your way through a position over many years and been dreaming about a new job for the better half of these years, you’re probably quite fed up.

Most people who make a career change mistake have done precisely this and regret it after six months already as it wasn’t what they were looking for. In fact, they didn’t even know what they were looking for when they quit their old job.

It’s like getting out of a long-term relationship with a slob; the next time you’re out dating, you’ll be looking for someone who is the exact opposite. The chances are, after some time, that you’ll come to the same conclusion in your new relationship as you will in your new job, and you realise that this wasn’t what you had in mind, after all.

Take some time and try to figure out what you’re looking for in a new career. Consider what you dislike about your old job and look at the skills you have; there could be other options that are suitable for you that’s not a complete opposite of your current job.

When you think about it, you may want something similar to what you were doing but perhaps with a bit more human contact or a bit less of it instead. Try to think about other career options where you can use your current skills but perhaps gain a bit more freedom, enjoy some extra creativity during your day of work, or just a way to climb the ladder slightly faster.

Sometimes, we’re not actually looking for the complete opposite in a job we’re tired of but rather something extra that you’re currently lacking. Some people find this by establishing their own business, taking their skills over to the classroom, or simply jumping ships so that a different company can enjoy their excellent skills.

Considering this, first of all, is vital as you might be so tired of your current job that you’re blinded and unable to pinpoint exactly what you want. Be realistic and picture what you’d like to do in ten years from now before making any life-changing decisions.

Consider your hobbies as a career

Another great option is to follow your passion for once. This might have been something you considered when you were younger but didn’t dare to do – so you chose a safer and ar less exciting career instead.

It might have been a good choice back then, though, as it gave you the financial security you needed to buy a house and raise a family but you’re old enough to take a chance by now and certainly clever enough to not make any mistakes. It’s time to take a chance on yourself, in other words, and follow your dreams this time.

A word of caution, though, that is good to take with you before embarking on this journey is that you should have some financial backup funds ready at hand. That way, you won’t have to give up when you’ve almost reached your goal simply because you can’t afford to keep chasing it anymore – and you will feel so much safer as well.

There are a ton of options out there as well and you know better than any what your true passions are. You could check out this article on yoga instructor salary, for example, in case you’d like to follow your fitness dreams or simply establish your own studio.

The great thing about doing something for yourself rather than joining an existing company is, of course, that you don’t have to show up for all of those job interviews and try to convince them that you have what it takes.

This is, more often than not, what holds people back from making a career change midlife as they feel like they can’t compete with those that are straight out of college, young and hungry for that job.

Become your own boss instead, do what you want to do, but make sure that you have the kind of financial stability it takes to get started first.

Want to work in an office? Spruce up your resume

Sometimes, however, we just want to have a safe and secure job where we don’t feel bored out of our minds. This is, undoubtedly, one of the toughest options as you’ll have to compete with all of those that are young and hungry – and you won’t necessarily have that much more experience than them in the field.

That’s why you need to give your resume a slight boost, first of all by taking an online course or even an entire degree. Try to decide on something that will actually benefit you at work, though, and it might be a good idea to have a chat with your boss or a senior co-worker to understand what you need to know.

If you’re interested in giving your career a serious boost, you should also think about taking a degree online. You can absolutely do this while also juggling a full-time job, so have a look around the web to learn more about your options.

Sometimes, what we need is to do something completely different in order to get out of a rut and that’s exactly what the Internet is so great for.

Another important tip is to use what you definitely have more of than all of those rosy-cheeked job candidates: your network and contacts, in general. Ask around and see if they’re not able to help you out with landing a job in the field you have your eyes on.

If they know who you are and how much of a great work ethic you feature, they will undoubtedly help you out.


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