Never Have A Bad Hair day Again With These Top Tips

A bad hair day can really hamper your confidence and make the rest of your day seem gloomy. Having a rubbish hair day can also stop you socialising or being spontaneous, simply because you don’t want people to see you and your misbehaving hair. It doesn’t have to be this way though, with these simple tips, you should never have a bad hair day again.

Stay stocked up

Running out of time to wash your hair is often the cause of a bad hair day. You think the wash will last one more day then arrive at the office and see the grease has really broken through. The trouble with greasy hair is that whether you have it up or down, the grease still shines through. To avoid these days, make sure you keep a constant supply of dry shampoo at home and a mini version in your handbag. This way, you can spritz it through your roots before you get yourself into this situation. Dry shampoo gives your hair great volume for bouncy curls or you could style it into a messy bun.

Give your hair a boost

If your own hair just doesn’t behave, no matter what, then it might be time you invested in a little bit of something else. Hair extensions, whether they’re permanent or not, are a great option to keep your hair looking great every day. The extra length and weight they provide means that your frizz will relax and you’ll have more hair to play with if you want to experiment with up dos. If you invest in real human hair extensions, you’ll find you can style them just as you would style your own hair and look glamorous day in, day out. Another option would be to fix your hair up with a ponytail or bun extension, that way it still looks neat and if you find the perfect colour no one will ever know!

Take good care of your hair

We’re all guilty of using heat to style out hair day in and day out and then we wonder why it’s frizzy. The problem is usually because it’s dead, the ends are ready for a chop and it needs some hydration back in its life. If you’re short on time and money and can’t get to the hairdressers, the best thing you can do is invest in a hair mask and some hair oil. There are plenty of cheaper options out there now but make sure with oils you choose something natural like Moroccan oil and with hair masks, consider this list of the best before you go shopping.

Fix your hair in your sleep

To wake up with the perfect hair you went to bed with, you might want to invest in a 100% real silk pillowcase. They are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists to keep your skin looking good, but they work wonders for your hair too. The natural properties of the silk reduce friction and provide a soothing pillow for your hair to keep tangles and frizz at bay all night long.

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