New Year New Me

Well not me, exactly but me as in this …. this here.   This little blog.     If you are reading this in your inbox you won’t notice any difference, but hop on over to the web page and woaaaaahhhhhhh it’s all change, baby.

I decided awhile ago it was time for a re-vamp.   Primarily because I was bored with the old theme but also because it didn’t work on iPhones (not that I care, I don’t have one but lots of you lovely lot do) and I kept getting messages saying “your website is all squished on my phone”.   So I listened.

So you lot with iPhones that read my blog occasionally better start reading it EVERY DAY NOW.   There is no excuse.

So what do you think?

<waves arms around, flicks hair and looks from side to side>

You like?

That clever Annie over at Mammasaurus found the theme for me and then did all the stuff that I couldn’t (like all of it) to make it look like this.

All shiny and new.

It will be the same old nonsense on a daily basis but hopefully the new layout just make things a bit more slick.

Please do let me know what you think!


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