Ranty Friday — The Best This Year

It isn’t even the end of January yet and already I have heard the following:

The movie event of the year


Surely the best goal we will see this year

which was uttered on NEW YEAR’S DAY FOR GOD’S SAKE


Best book I have read this year

IT’ WAS JANUARY 9th.  HOW MANY HAVE YOU READ?!!!!   The best of two?  Maybe three?  Well what does that say?  I could have said today:

Dinner of the year, last night

Because it is the only one I have cooked so far.   It is a pointless statement.   Of course it was dinner of the year,  there haven’t been any others.

Last week I heard a film trailed as:

Thriller of the year

Followed this week in a magazine with

It will be the wedding of the year

Despite the fact it is happening in February.

What utter nonsense all these declarations are.  I want to outlaw them.   The phrase “Best this year” cannot be used before December 1st.  Using it in January is wrong.   Several shades of wrong.

What do you think?



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