Oh boy, you did all show me yours

I blogged last week about the contents of my handbag and asked for people to send me theirs.   And send them you did!

A handbag is a handbag isn’t it?

What do we need to carry in it?   A purse and some keys.   Really that is all we really need.   Oh and our phone.   We don’t need to carry the various other assorted debris we drag around with us.   Yet we do, daily.

Here are some of my favourites:


My favourite Ted Baker bag (Santa thought I’d been a good girl this year)
which included;

1.My iPad – can’t live without it!
2. My iPhone (which is taking the picture)
3. Purse
4. headphones
5. 2 paying in envelopes with company cheques to take to the bank
6. 2 bills to pay
7.Lip balm
8.My radley mirror my son bought me last year for mother’s day (and then
repeated to everyone ‘do you KNOW how much it COST?’
9. a pile of business cards
10. 2 face cream samples
11. gloves (it’s 13 degrees outside!!)
12. notebook which I’d forgotten was in there
13. money notebook – yes I write what I spend down and then check it against
the online balance
14. company credit card wallet
15. keys to work
16. keys to my parent’s house
17. a ring I’d collected from the jewellers after repair – about 3 weeks
ago; I wondered what I’d done with it!
18. a pencil stolen from a meeting at Gateley UK LLP
19. a pen stolen from a meeting at Mint Hotel (I suspect there’s a theme
20. a nail file given to me at a corporate event at Aston Villa (I didn’t
steal this)
21. my favourite lipstick
22. 3 empty lighters
24. a voucher for a free meal at Marco Pierre White Birmingham
25. a memory stick – I normally carry two so no idea where the 2nd one is.





Spare knickers and a wand.   Claire never leaves home without them!


Polly’s was the most honest!


Jacqui’s is so neat!


Distinct lack of coffee in the Coffee Wench’s!


So ordered!  But loose keys?  I would forever be losing those, Debbie


By her own admission Jane has hidden the sugar free mints from this pic!


And last, but not least is Carmen’s

1) handbag – ooh pretty birds
2) mini nail file – I frequently break my nails from hammering at my keyboard
3) plaster – for my calamity Carmen moments
4) starbucks card – need my skinny latte fix
5) Biro – because lip liners don’t help with writing essays
6) red pen – for working on my commute
7) sudoku puzzle book – my back up brain game after reading the Metro and the Evening Standard
8.) pink hi-lighter pen – for things I want to remember
9) make up bag – I’m one of those that applies their make up on the train
10) Spotty notepad – for my over active brain
11) Mini Post-it – for when I’m working on my commute
12) Ear Phones – as I listen to my ipod on my commute
13) Hurraw! Lip balm – got to keep my lips kissable
14) Painkillers – I’m a walking pharmacy
15) Purse – because I’m not the queen
16) Travel Card – for my commute
17) Hair Grip – I put my hair up at work and for hot flushes
18) Charger Plug – my iphone battery constantly needs recharging
19) Keys – how else would I open my door?
20) Lighter – yes I’m a nicotine addict
21) tissues – because I hit sniffing if my nose is runny

NB whats missing is my iphone – how else could i take the photo
Also my crackberry as its attached to my hand as opposed to my handbag….


Thanks Ladies.   These are all fabulous.   Look at how much we all lug around!  It is no wonder we all suffer from bad backs and sore shoulders.

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  • My handbag which is made from oilcloth, much needed in sub Sahara Africa for when it rains! Contains very strong mosquito repellent, high factor sun cream, house keys, big purse to hold all the currency ( there are roughly 4000 shillings to a £ and this largest note is 50,000) tissues to wipe sweaty upper lip, hairbrushes to keep hair reasonably smooth after dry winds, pink polka dot old fashioned fan and a battery operated one for those oh-so-hot days, wet wipes lots of them as the red earth gets everywhere and my iPod and speakers plus an old mobile phone.

  • Lol love it – great idea T. Love being nosey. And re loose keys – I’d lose them too…

  • “Polly’s was the most honest”…….hhhhhmmmm, Polly’s was the most revolting!! After the horror of the tangled “tampax-plaster-lip gloss” combo at the bottom of my bag, I’ve given it a thorough clear out!

  • The contents of mine varies from day to day depending on what child/ren I have with me.. On this particular one it was Lucy aged 2.5 who is potty training 🙂