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Prescriptions to your door with Pharmacy2U

It’s probably some kind of miracle that I have got to the age I have without having to take regular medication.   Though that all changed this summer when I finally got my “yes you are getting old” diagnosis and was eventually prescribed HRT.   This now means that every two months I need a repeat prescription for a patch that I wear for a week before discarding it for a new one.

It has also coincided with becoming more and more forgetful, living in a fun, and often being at the other end of the country for chunks of the month, sometimes at short notice.   None of which is conducive to ordering the next batch before the current lot runs out, or being in the same house as the prescription if and when I do remember that I need to re-order the next batch.    In fact it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Except, thankfully, it isn’t anymore.

With remarkable timing I was asked recently if I wanted to try out the Pharmacy2U service where you can order your repeat prescriptions on line and have them delivered to you, wherever you are.    I jumped at the chance because, well it seemed like the perfect solution for people like me. Or my mother in law who has to manage my father in law’s list of medications and prescriptions and find the time to get into town to not only drop off a repeat request, but then pick up the drugs.  This kind of service could be a game changer for people like her.

The process is very simple.  Initially you need to sign up for an account, inputting your name (or the name of somebody you are ordering prescriptions for) and the address to which you want the drugs delivered.   You can pick an office address if you won’t be in at home, or if you are going to be away you can add that address too.     You are then asked to confirm that it is safe to deliver them through a letterbox, ie they won’t be delivered through the door and picked up by a child or an animal, which I thought was a great level of added security.   If that isn’t an option you can nominate a safe place for them to be left.    You also have to confirm that if the drugs need to be refrigerated you will be in to sign for them, and put them away straightaway.

Thankfully those are two considerations I don’t need to worry about, though I did temporarily wonder if Cheeky might end up with an HRT patch stuck to his face but given that we have had to seal up our letterbox because he does eat our post (we have had to install an outside post box on the wall) I no longer have to worry about this.

How are Pharmacy2U deliveries made?

Deliveries are done by Royal Mail and

How much more does it cost to use Pharmacy2U?


Yes, free of charge.  There is no charge for the delivery.

No charge for parking in town and queuing at the pharmacy either, if you use this service you avoid those costs (and time wasting), the drugs come to you free of any additional charges.

Can I only use Pharmacy2U for one medication?

Once you have set up your account you can add the medication you require, and you don’t need to worry about the quantity or dosage because Pharmacy2U check with your medical practice that you do have a repeat prescription for the drugs you have added to your account, and the dosage and quantity needed.   So you are unable to add any drugs for which you don’t have a prescription, or order more than your doctor has prescribed.    The drugs I have on my prescription were all listed on their database, along with similar sounding items, so you just need to make sure you are definitely adding the correct one to your account.    Once you have finalised setting up your account  Pharmacy2U go off and do their checks, before sending you an email a couple of days later to confirm all is in order.  Or presumably to ask further questions if they have them.    I got my email less than 48 hours later to confirm my account was now ready for me to place my first order as and when.

What if I forget to place my order?

Now this is where it gets clever.   You can set a reminder so that before your medication runs out, you get an email reminding you that it is time to order your next prescription.   It also advises that you do it at least 7 days ahead of the date your drugs are needed in order to allow enough time for them to arrive.   (and a little longer the first time you place an order as they need to run extra checks).    We go on holiday on 13th October so I have set a reminder for this week to make sure I have stocked up with enough to take away with me.

Once your reminder has been received you simply go to your account and order the drugs you want.   They are then checked before being dispensed by one of Pharmacy2U’s pharmacists.

What happens if I have question about the medication?

If you have any questions about your medication there is a pharmacist available via email to answer those questions for you.

There is even a doctor available to do the same.   All are based in the UK and will come back to you, typically within 24 hours, and are then able to prescribe medication too.  Maybe you can’t get to your GP, or have a condition you feel uncomfortable about discussing in person, but would find it easier to do via the web.

When you order your prescription you pay for them by debit / credit card or Paypal  (exactly the same as a standard prescription charge, there is no extra cost for using this service) and confirm the address to which you would like them delivered.    You can even use the service if you have an exemption certificate

Then you sit back with a cuppa and a biscuit and congratulate yourself on being so organised.

Shame you can’t get the biscuits on prescription too.


I have been compensated for writing this review, but  all thoughts are my own and I will continue to use this service

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