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Dog products we are loving this summer

Mr Cheeks is not getting any younger (well, none of us are, are we?) and is of an age now where we have to take more care of him than we did when we first adopted him.   He is over ten now and definitely slowing down (unless you’re the postman knocking on the door, then he will still do the dash down the hall at breakneck speed) and now on medication for a long term illness.   Where his claws would keep themselves short because he was walking and chasing tennis balls for hours, now we have an appointment at the groomers to get them clipped every month or two.   For a while now we have also suspected he might have an allergy akin to hay fever as there are days that he will constantly nibble his paws, and rub his nose on the front door mat, no amount of distracting him will make him stop.   So when I was approached to review some dog products I jumped at the chance (as did he when the postman arrived).

The first were from a company called Be:Loved who make luxury but affordable pet care products, by hand in Great Britain.   Their ethos is simple:

Living their best life — We do everything with our pets, and they know they are a part of our family


Pet Paw and Nose Balm

As it says on the tin this is soothing and nourishing and made with vitamin E and Manuka honey.   It is perfect for rubbing on paws that are cracked or looking sore and is also perfect for rubbing on dry noses.  Best warmed in your hands a little bit first then makes it really easy to rub into their paws or nose (and any leftovers can be rubbed into your own hands) or you can warm it and then try and persuade them to stand on the balm, Cheeky wasn’t having any of that though!   Beware though once they get a whiff of it, your dog will try to eat it off your hands before you have a chance to warm it:

Retails for around £8 for  60g


Pet Shampoo Bar

I like that this shampoo is plastic free, comes in a cardboard box so there is zero waste.   There are various bars to choose from, including one that is vegan.   The one we tried was Be:Calm which was both calming and moisturising.  Made with goats milk and lavender it smelt divine.   Cheeky does have a tendency to be a bit whiffy so this has made a big difference.

£5 for a 110g bar

Boot Room Candle

Talking of whiffy, we will often have a candle burning in the office as both Mr B and I work together, and Cheeky spends the day under Mr B’s desk.  I don’t want to give away too many embarrassing things about him, but let’s just say there are days that Mr B and I are both throwing the window open, or grabbing a smelly candle to cover the latest “aroma”.    This one is lovely, it is made with camomile and lavender, with soy and beeswax.  It only needs to burn for a short time before it eliminates those odours.  And because the ingredients are all natural it doesn’t smell synthetic or overly manufactured, or like it is masking smells like an air freshener tends to.   This is a real hit with us.  Just don’t tell, Cheeky.

£15 for 15oml

Dog Rocks

This is one of those dog products that I have been wanting to try for a while after seeing a friend using them a couple of years ago.    They are small rocks that you drop into your dog’s water bowl, the natural minerals are then absorbed by the water so when your dog pees their urine doesn’t leave those nasty burn marks on the grass.   It doesn’t alter the pH of the urine and is safe for other pets to use too so if you have a cat like Bob who likes to help herself to the same bowl because the rocks are all natural.   They take a short while to work but we have seen a definite difference over the past few weeks.


£15 for a 200g bag (enough for a 2l water bowl for two months)


Cheeky is definitely looking shinier and happier since we started using all of these products and we will definitely keep using them over the coming months, so do drop me a message if you have any questions.

All products were sent to us for the purpose of review.

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