Maximizing your outdoor space (AD)

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Creating an area in which you have room to spread out and relax in is one of the joys of owning your own home. Even better, is if this space happens to be outside, preferably in a position to capture the sun on those warm summer evenings.

Even properties with a modest amount of outdoor space have the potential to offer a comfortable relaxation area with a few clever pieces of arrangement and a bit of TLC.

Hide any clutter

If your garden is of a smallish size, then the last thing you want to do is take up any remaining room with pieces of gardening equipment or children’s toys. Investing in a garden shed or an out-building designed for storage will give you a specified destination to hide any and all items left behind after a hard day’s work in the garden.

By selecting the right shed or storage space, you can also add an extra feature to your outdoor space. Just make sure that you’re happy with the size, the last thing you want is to take up more space in your garden with a structure which is oversized.


Strategically placed lights can give off the impression of space and help provide a nice ambiance for those late evenings spent during the summertime. Highlighting central areas with strong lighting and allowing shade to cover hard borders can make a big difference in how an area is viewed.

Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to conjure, you can decide whether to implement natural light sources from things such as torches and candles or opt instead for spotlights. Both of these are valid options and depend entirely on personal preference.

Position your walkways correctly

It’s one thing making space for yourself in the garden but planning for when guests come over is a whole different ball game. Ample personal space between guests is a must, and more importantly when guests do get up to use the bathroom or grab another drink they shouldn’t have to climb over one another!

Well positioned walkways will enable your guests to do this nicely, make sure nobody is blocking the main entrance to the garden and not huddle people together too much. If people are able to move as freely as possible any shortcomings in space will be less obvious.

Choose the correct garden furniture

Garden furniture is often the feature of outdoor areas which takes up the most space, so it’s vital to choose pieces which can be suited and shaped to several different scenarios depending on the number of guests you are hosting.

Think about furniture that can serve several different purposes, for example a cube shaped chair which could also be used as a footstool or even a coffee table. These types of pieces will give you the flexibility to move and arrange your set up in a variety of ways, without looking out of place.

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