Pull the Pin Gin — A review

This post features a Pull the Pin Gin, a product sent to me for review and inclusion in a gift guide but I loved it so much I decided to do a stand alone review post.

Pull the Pin Gin is the brainchild of Tom Foster who knows all about spices having collected them in his kit bag the world over when he was in the army. The company was started with rum products ( Spiced Rum, Pineapple and Passion Fruit, and Raspberry and Strawberry are in the correct collection) and has now moved into gin.

Tom sums up his love of spice on the website by saying this:

Joining the military at seventeen, Tom headed off into the world collecting tales of adventures, gathering knowledge of local spirit production and building an ever-expanding kitbag of spices. He became the ‘Spice Soldier’, known for boosting morale with experimental spirits and spiced-up rations. Tom knows from experience how finding the perfect balance of spices can lift you up, bring colour to your world and help you appreciate everyday life.

​The gin is flavoured with juniper, obviously, cassia and Seville orange so there is a definite citrus note to it. Meaning it pairs perfectly with the lemonade I drink my gin with but will work perfectly if you are more traditional tonic lover. They also suggest you can pair it with Prosecco which I think would be perfect at Christmas, don’t you think?

It is 41.5% ABV and retails around £35.

If you are looking for an unusual gift for a gin lover then this would be perfect. You can buy it on Masters of Malt or Amazon.

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