Christmas Gift Guides 2021 — The one for toddlers and children {AD}

It’s that time of year! It’s Christmas Gift Guide time, and the first one I am hitting publish on is this one for toddlers and children. It has been lovely saying yes to trying out and reviewing toys and gifts for this Children’s Christmas Gift Guide that I know Lily is going to love this year. Previously I have declined accepting items we wont be able to use so its been lovely this year to say yes and then know that they are things Lily will adore.

So shall we just get stuck in?

Little Dug Workstation

This was a hit the second Lily saw it. It had taken less than ten minutes to assemble and doesn’t take up very much space so could easily be assembled and wrapped by Father Christmas so it can be assembled before being delivered. It comes with six different tools for little hands to play with and a peg board to store the tools on. Lily’s daddy has his own maintenance company so it is lovely that Lily can now have her own version of his tools and imaginatively play at doing what daddy does. And the best bit is that this is on sale for just under £17. Available online from here: LittleDug WorkStation

International Elf Service

This is just one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a very long time. We were gifted a bundle containing letters for every day leading up to Christmas, each one a personal letter from Father Christmas with personalised envelopes too. I have seen them being shared on Instagram where Father Christmas has left them with Elves on Shelves each night, hidden them in cereal boxes, popped them at the end of beds. They have been glorious. We have kept this one for Lily for next year or the year after as she is still too young to understand that Father Christmas brings her presents. But if you have anybody in your family who still gets a visit from the big man then I can highly recommend these. They also do letters from the Tooth Fairy and for birthdays too.


The Snapwatch is a great first watch for children and retails for under a tenner, so would be a great stocking filler too. There are six designs to choose from and as the name suggests they simply ‘Snap’ around the wrist. They make a really great introduction to wearing a watch for the first time.

Wonderbly Books

Who doesn’t love a personalised book? Lily is a real bookworm so has several but this one is an absolute hit and has to be read every time we get together. In fact we love them so much that we have got them for a couple of her friends who have slightly more unusual names and might not be able to find their name in a bookshop. From Wonderbly there are a huge number of books to choose from with a variety of themes and stories to choose from and they even have them for adults! Prices are from £22 and delivery is exceptionally fast.

Steiff Teddy

We are huge, huge fans of Steiff in this house, I still have mine from childhood. So when I was asked if I would like to include on in my gift guide I was thrilled. As was Lily. Steiff was founded in the 1800s and the first teddy bear born in 1902. The beliefs they held then still hold today and every bear is one that is guaranteed to become family favourites. As you can see Lily adores hers. Prices vary from around £20 to some for hundreds.

My First Words Game

From Carotina there are a huge selection of these to choose from, from just £9 upwards. This one features first words and numbers, and shapes so whilst Lily is probably still a little young for it I can see that in a few years it is going to be a wonderful learning toy. There are three puzzles to complete for shapes and numbers each of them with interlocking elements that build into either a butterfly, a caterpillar or a millipede. I love it!

Jungle Fun Puzzle

This is a lovely little box containing three wooden puzzle and sells for £10 from Jacques of London. This one is about zoo animals so has a lion, a giraffe and a crocodile. Lily has really got into puzzles recently so loves these. They are easy for small hands to do, have bright colours to hold their attention and slot together easily.

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