God knows I love a good rant.   Hell, I even used to have a weekly Ranty Friday on this very blog that was widely received, joined in with and looked forward to by many.   Alot of people thought it was because I had to get something off my chest once a week when it actual fact it was so I could limit my ranting to just once a week.  I felt at times I was in danger of ranting ever day otherwise.

What I rarely do though, if ever, is rant at a person.  Either in person, or on the phone.  Even when I am furious at a company’s incompetence I don’t take it out on the person who is, after all, just doing their job.   I might slam the phone down and scream at the wall but I don’t rant at real people.

Why am I telling you this?  And what is that picture above?  Let me explain.

Yesterday morning started just like any other.   But with a bit more added pressure as I had to go straight from the school run to a full day of interviews with a client at a nearby hotel, starting at 9am.   So dog walked, house tidied, jobs done and out the door at 7.30am to drop teen at school for 8am and then head to hotel.

Trundling along a small piece of dual carriageway I see a car about to pull out of a petrol station, right in front of me.  I am doing 40mph, there is a van on my right so I can’t get out of my lane and let the car pull out.   Braking would have been too sudden, and I can’t really move.   They brake but after all, it is my right of way.

The driver, a lady (I used that word reluctantly) then comes right up behind me, horn blaring, lights flashing, hand gestures at me.   I think “well that’s charming” and as I am about to turn towards the hotel I think I might not do that in case she follows me, I really don’t want the hassle.

So at the traffic lights ahead I go into the left hand lane instead of the right, and wait at the red light.

Big mistake.

She gets out of her car, leaving her husband and two small children in the back and comes over to my car and yanks the car door.  Or tries to, but my car automatically locks when you get in.   This annoys her and she decides to punch the window.   All of this accompanied by screaming that I tried to “effing kill her” and “effing kill the kids”.    Her windows are all down so her two children in car seats are not only witnessing their mother smacking my car but hearing what she has to say.   I tell her to stop swearing.

This doesn’t go down well either and as a passing shot she slaps my wing mirror and causes the above.   The mirror bit also fell off but I have managed to reattach that.

Lights are now green and have been for a while so she then goes back to her car and drives off.

Thankfully this has all been witnessed by the car behind hers and he pulls in behind me, gets out and comes over, complete with his name and phone number and says he saw the whole thing and will be a witness.

I am stunned.  I don’t crumble easily but I was shaking for hours, certain if she could have got my door open she would have slapped me.  And I am furious that my car is now damaged.

Yes, I called the police.  Sadly the number plate that the witness and I wrote down is not recognised but the police will be speaking to the garage for CCTV and then considering prosecuting her for criminal damage to my car.

But what makes somebody do that?  How is that ever appropriate behaviour?

And in front of children?  That they are witness to that is just heart breaking.

And leaves me baffled at human nature that we live in a world where somebody feels it perfectly fine to be in the wrong at a junction and then get out and attack somebody else’s car.

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  • Omg that’s awful. And imagine if you had had children in the car they would have been traumatised. Hope you are feeling better today? And I would definitely consider pressing charges, people just cant go round acting like that. Its sad that they do x

  • What a horrid experience! I can’t believe she came out of her car and acted in such an aggressive manner. Actually I can. I witnessed a mother (PEDESTRIAN!!) with her children do the very same thing to an elderly woman who had the ‘audacity’ to beep at the pedestrian who was blocking her access off of a main road into the driver’s own driveway. She too, tried to open the door and instead vandalised the car.
    I hope the police find her and you are able to get her fined for the damages. It’s such an uncivilised way to act and must have been awful to be on the receiving end of!
    (apologies for the essay!)

  • How awful! God you poor thing. Utterly inexcusable behaviour and totally over the top and unecessary! Hope you are ok and that the police can catch her 🙁

  • That is bloody awful!! I hope you are feeling better today?

    Even if you had been in the wrong at the junction she still wouldn’t have had the right to damage your car. This kind of person makes my blood boil (ironic eh?). Not only has she damaged your car and upset you she has shown an ugly side of herself to her kids, and that to me is just awful. her poor kids, they were either terrified of what they saw or are so used to it that it didn’t faze them. I am not sure which of these is worse.

    Big hugs T, hope the police get her.

    Amanda xxx

  • Oh my Tanya that is horrid behaviour, how dare she! Poor woman, hope the police catch up with her, she needs to learn how to drive and how to behave.

  • Hope you’re OK, I’m glad you called the police and hope they get somewhere with the CCTV. Sadly I think it’s all too easy for people to see red and completely cross the line, I just feel sorry for her children that they had to witness it and hope they don’t grow up thinking that’s acceptable behaviour.

    Also, full marks to the driver behind you who stopped, a lot of people wouldn’t have done!

  • That is truly awful and I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that. There is absolutely no need for that behaviour and I hope that they do track her down

  • Bloody horrendous. I don’t know how you kept your patience but well done. It is absolutely amazing that you can’t even just drive to work in peace. I mean…seriously. Hope you get payback and justice.