Ranty Friday — Band Aid 30

It’s back Baby.   Ranty Friday has been brought back for a couple of weeks.   I actually planned to bring it back this week as I saw something in the paper last weekend that made me rage.  And then, as often happens, something else came along to supercede it and so the original idea is parked.

A few people have also told me they missed my Ranty Fridays so it might be back for good, or it might just be whilst I get these few things off my chest.

The first of them being the backlash I have seen against the latest Band Aid single that was recorded last Saturday.

First of all people have suggested that even doing the song is a ridiculous idea.   Why?  How on earth can you raise a million quid in the space of a few hours?  People want to do something for this hideous disease that stops a mother cradling her dying child; husband comforting his dying wife.   Yes there have been adverts on the TV and radio asking us to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee and have people have donated in their tens of thousands.   As they have to Oxfam, Medecins san Frontier, Save the Children, the list goes on.    But do we tell Cancer Research to not bother because Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Macmillan are raising money this month too?  Of course we don’t.   We throw everything we have at charity in the hope that as much money as possible is raised.

Teenagers watching an advert for the DEC on X Factor may not see the advert as they fast forward through the ads, or they may see it and not connect with the plea.   But show them One Direction and a group of YouTubers singing that appeal and they are probably much more likely to reach for their debit cards or mobile phones.

People have also been bashing Sir Bob Geldof with the suggestion he doesn’t pay sufficient tax and should, as though this will help.   This is not my argument to comment on as none of really know how much tax he does or doesn’t pay.  That is a discussion for him, his accountant and HMRC.   But let’s for argument sake say he paid all the taxes require of him.  Would that mean that he should not raise money for charity?  Do any of us not do anything for charity because we pay our taxes?   Paying your taxes is nothing to do with charity donations.   There are many charities that get no government funding so we could all donate every penny we earn to HMRC next year and it still wouldn’t find a cure for cancer or wipe out malaria.

I agree that if Sir Bob’s “public shaming” of stars such as Adele is true, that is wrong.   To suggest they were “doing nothing” is simply not true.   Nobody should be forced into getting involved with charity, or feel they have to be a part of it.   And of course Sir Bob had no idea that Adele had already made a sizeable donation to Oxfam.

There have also been articles on pulling apart the song and dissecting the lyrics.   Do we really have to take things so literally?  I heard Fuse ODG on the radio this week talking about why he didnt take part, and I understand where he is coming from.  He is all about promoting a New Africa, focussing on the good that is coming out the continent.   Hell knows our work with Comic Relief echos that and we have been all about Proving Progress.    The trouble is whilst there IS a huge amount of progress and lasting change, there is a mico-organism that is killing people indiscriminately and whilst we stand around and have these debates more people die.

The message is simple.   Buy the song and donate money.   Or dont like the song, don’t buy but still donate money.   Don’t do nothing but bitch about people trying to do something for people that are in desperate need.

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  • HERE HERE! But people love to bash a movement that’s trying to bring about change because it takes the focus off the fact that THEY aren’t doing anything personally. I heard Sir Bob talk to Grimmy on Radio 1 the other morning and it made me sob in the car. The man is SO passionate and I can’t think of anyone else on earth who could pull off this kind of thing x

    • EXACTLY. Yes we could have sat around and waited for another recording artist to do it but how many more deaths before it all got written, produced, recorded etc? They had the song, they tweaked it, they got it out there and did something, anything.

  • Randy Friday’s back; hooray!
    Good on you T. I’m sure Bob has had other things to think about lately, it’s not been a great year for him, but he still cares, and more importantly, is prepared to do something about it.
    The criticisms of ” spectators in the stands” will never trump the actions of the “players on the field”. So Bob gets my vote, and my money, just as long as I don’t have to listen to the record……………

    • Amen
      Thirty years on and the mantra of “just give us your money” is as strong as ever. Bob doesnt care if the single gets to number one or not, he just wants people to donate money doesnt he? And as you say, he has had a year none of us can imagine but still finds time to give to those less fortunate

  • I think its great that this song is not only raising money, but raising awareness and good on all the celebs that have taken part. I don’t however like Sir Bob Geldoff’s attitude as the media have portrayed it. I also don’t believe everything I read in the media, so I’m not 100% sure that what he has said has been written in context, or even said at all! I won’t be buying the single, however that won’t stop me from donating to the cause.

  • I think the quote was slightly longer and showed how passionate he was, and still is.

    Interesting interview with Geldof on Sky News about the “called Adele 100 times” story. He claimed it was bollocks. Tempting to think that original story was just the work of a troll….

  • “Buy the song and donate money. Or dont like the song, don’t buy but still donate money.” sums it up perfectly. Stop with the bitching, as that certainly won’t help save lives.

  • I have to admit, I have yet to hear the song, much less buy it. I am a bit partial to the original so I have kind of avoided hearing the new version! However, I fully appreciate the effort behind it and really respect the efforts that Bob Geldof goes to to mobilise celebrities to do something. You’ve hit the nail on the head about how those involved in this project will reach that key target market of 18-30 year olds who will listen to 1D or YouTubers. It’s a shame that people have to get their knickers in such a twist over the motives behind these efforts. Awareness is the key…Geldof is very good at this. Well said Mummy B…you never fail to impress me!

    Much love,

    Karin xx