Ranty Friday – Being a big fat failure

Ranty Friday this week is about being a big fat failure

Yep.  That is what I am.


Not what I think.  But what I think is irrelevant.   We all need to believe what Samantha Brick has been spouting again this week.   And that is that all “fat women are failures”.  Fat can’t be beautiful and if you are fat you are failure.  Employers shouldn’t employ fat people, fat people are lazy.  And failures.

That montage above is me.   Big old fat failure of a woman, me.   You are looking at a a failure.   Look up that word in the dictionary and if Samantha Brick is to be believed, that is what you will find.  That picture above.

She doesn’t care that:

I was involved with a team of bloggers and tweeters this year who helped to raise Β£10,000 for Comic Relief


Two years ago I won a competition with Absolute Radio that saw Β£10,000 donated to Harry Moseley’s charity


I am happily married to a man who loves me for who I am


I have been a volunteer for Victim Support for two years, helping dozens of people deal with being the victim of crime.  Everybody from 17 year old girls to 89 year old men


This blog is barely two years old and has gone from zero page views to 4000 a day


For the second year running I am shortlisted for a Brilliance In Blogging Award


I have passed various legal exams within the lettings industry (which many fail) and happily give out advice for free to those in need


I have never been out of work


I am supportive of people.  I love them.  I don’t belittle them.  Make them feel bad about themselves.  I support them and do all I can to help them.   Regularly


Happy to help out those in need, even if I have never met them.   For example a woman who a friend wanted to get an ipad for so chemotherapy would pass more quickly (we raised that money in eight hours).  Or making donations and raising awareness of another who moved in a house that was less than satisfactory.


Supported my family and friends through divorce, death, suicide, redundancies, been there for them at 2am or 4pm.  With tissues, an ear and cake or gin.


I single handedly run our home. Knowing who needs to be where when.  And who needs what when.  Always have a fridge full of food, and have a vague handle on laundry and cleaning etc.  Never forget important meetings for anybody, or birthdays, and always first to put a hand up and say “yep, we can do that”.


I have no debt and live in a beautiful home that has a lot of equity


I have three amazing teenagers who are all in full time education or full time work, have never been in trouble with the law, can hold a conversation and are amazing human beings


Samantha Brick talked last year how women don’t like her because she is so beautiful.  They feel threatened.   No, Samantha women don’t like you because you don’t like you.   You have been on a diet since you were 12 and are married to a man who has told you he will divorce you if you put on weight.  This is one of the saddest statements I ever heard a woman say out loud.  How can you love a man who claims that?  Who has been stepmother to his child?

That tells me more about you than anything else you have ever said that you live in that environment and have this view of other women.

You don’t like yourself and therefore you don’t want other women to like themselves.  I am sure this is what all of this boils down to.  It really feels like a classic example of not being okay and therefore other people are not okay either.

Well guess what Samantha Brick.   You are wrong.   Just plain wrong.

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  • EPIC post. You are flippin’ brilliant Barrow!

    Projecting your own insecurities on other people is such a desperately ugly trait, I really hope she sees this.


  • Love, love, love it all!

    Mr B is one lucky…I can’t even think of a strong enough word…

    If more women were such abject failures can you imagine what a wonderful place the world would be?

    Big kisses from the US!

  • In the words of Keith Lemon… you my dear are FAF!

    Well said that woman! she is a tit, a very saggy and unhappy tit! Her life would be so different if she took her head out of her own ass and realised people are liked in life for their personality and not their looks. She would still find nobody liked her though, as her personality seems to be that of the inside of her ass anyway… so that is a lose lose situation right there…

  • Bang, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Samantha Bricks is a sad and angry person and that’s why she’s sprouting crap like this. To make others feel bad and herself better! I’m glad it doesn’t work!

    You, my lovely, are an amazing person with a massive heart. You are kind, loving, there for people who need your help and a strong and independent woman. If Samantha Brick says you’re are a big fat failure, then I want to be one too! x

  • Well said! Why should some clearly unhappy woman be allowed to push her insecurities onto others?! I hope many more read this and realise that being fat/overweight/a larger lady…whatever you want to call it, should not define you as a person.

    Oh and I think the photographs are fantastic by the way!

  • She’s an arse. And you have a great one. You’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know since I’ve met you. Love you gazillions xx

  • This is brilliant. I have never seen a sadder woman than Samantha Brick, she seems to have very little in her life to help her feel fulfilled. Which I had the confidence to show my arse off like you have!

  • I don’t know who this Samantha Brick is, I imagine some sort of Daily Mail creation. But surely it is she who is irrelevant? You have nothing to prove, she has everything to prove. You are beyond amazing, she is just sad.

  • Samatha is not beautiful she is normal looking! she could be any woman down any street and is no model that you look at and go wow. i think she is attention staved so says these things to get in the press to create fuss around herself, negative or positive comments are all focus on her and she doesnt care. She is a silly woman that needs to get a grip and stop bashing others and just focus on her life and finding something that will make her feel fullfilled instead of stirring up a shit pot of crap media attention.

  • Very very well said! She is a sad sad person, full of rubbish and bitterness. You have a very nice bum!!

  • Oh dear, Mummy B, you’ve failed again. You might as well go and starve yourself in a corner …. hang on……talking to the wrong person there….

  • Oh Barrow … how I love thee so. Although, I have been trying really hard not to raise to the Brick bait – as I’m pretty sure no-one can really be that stupid (can they?!) and have done well not to comment on her ‘article’ thus far. But you’ve said it much better than I could.

    PS – nice arse!

  • I am now going to ‘Google’ who this Samantha Brick woman is. That aside, and purely in the context of your post, freshens and brill! We, humans as a whole, don’t so that often enough – actually taking stock. Hat off to you.

  • My mother set me on the “you must be thin to be happy [loved]” treadmill when I was 16. I went to boarding school to do my As weighting 7 stone (I am 5′ 3″) and, out of her (unconscious) control of my diet put on weight so fast that one week my size 8 jeans fitted and the next they didn’t. When I went home for my first weekend “you’ve put on weight” was pretty much the first comment. What a failure I felt. I have yo-yo dieted / binge eaten every since and just do not seem to be able to rise above this “the only worthwhile attribute of yourself is to be thin” despite my numerous other achievements. What a miserable prison it is. I am so please that one of us, you Mummy B, has so successfully got under the wire and got out. Mothers, please teach your daughters that being yourself is the greatest achievement in life. Samantha’s husband will leave her if she gets fat? Poor woman to know her husband loves her so superficially xx

  • I am a total failure, but not because I am fat, but because it is in my nature to be an underachiever by normal standards. I kick total arse by my own standards however, have achieved many of my own random goals, like playing Glastonbury and having a record contract. I just didnt make any money which is the generally used standard for success and failure in society.

    Actually ignore everything I just said. I am happy, therefore I am a TOTAL SUCCESS, and a bit porky too. Love your post, you UTTERLY ROCK, whereas Ms Brick can only get attention by waving around the controversy stick.

  • If you are a big fat failure then I say “I want to be like Mummy Barrow”.

    I will be raising two girls in a society that is far more quick to judge that it was when I was young and though the idea that they will be teenagers terrifies me, I will do everything in my power to give them the tools to feel good about themselves, confident in who they are, and happy to be whatever size, shape, colour, sex and profession that they choose. It’s posts like this that I save as advice/inspiration, not some just-written-for-controversy crap spouted by that Brick woman.

    In an age of digital media, I have to say that whilst today’s Brick-posts won’t be tomorrow’s fish-and-chips wrappers, I won’t give her the benefits of a click-through. Your post I will pimp to the hills.

    Eat that Ms Brick.

  • I used to work with a man who was a bit quirky, bit bonkers but heart of gold and good at his job. One day he said to me the things you don’t like about other people are things you are jealous of or things you see in yourself.

    I’ve not studied Brick in great detail but she’s clearly unhappy and so should everyone else be to bring them to her level.

    On a diet since 12? What message did she get from her family.

    I’ve been on a diet since 12, but by 1230 I’ve forgotten.

    Never mind her, love yourself like we do.

    Ps. Cake soon x

  • Umm. Unbelievable. Good for you.
    I have a confession ( & a serious one)- I have no idea who Samantha Brick is!! Maybe I need to google her.

  • I “know” who you are, I read your blog and I’ve seen the amazing things you’ve done for other people.

    I had to google Samantha Brick I couldn’t place a face to the name – she’s just a woman who appears to be famous for two reasons 1) telling everyone how beautiful she thinks she is and 2) saying nasty things about other people.

    Please don’t stop being a failure in the eyes of SB, that would be a shame!

  • I love you T, what a great blog, so well written and from the heart! Well done darling xx Oh and you look gorgeous in your photos xx

  • Twitter is a wonderful thing. It can allow you to contact your heroes, stay in touch with people who have moved away, and grow to love genuine strangers.

    This is where Mummy Barrow comes in. I’ve never met her. Until today I barely knew what she looked like – WOWSERS, by the way (I’ve too much respect to use the term MILF…) – but from the twitter conversations we’ve had I know she’s one of life’s genuine stars.

    Going back a couple of years I had an incident at home that I had no idea how to deal with. I’d seen on Twitter the marvellous work Tania does for many, many people and thought I’d see if I could ask for some advice. Without a moments hesitation, she answered every question I had, and reassured me that things would be ok.

    For someone I had never met to be so kind really humbled me. It reassured me in many ways that there are still, despite what morons like Samantha Brick (if her parents didn’t give her the middle name ‘Facelika’ they REALLY missed a trick) say, some genuine people in the world.

    For that reason, if ever there’s a time when Mummy B needs my help, you’ve got it baby. Admittedly I can’t see a call for a slightly balding 30-year-old bloke from the New Forest paying the role of the hero very often, but still. You’re free to suckle on the teat of human kindness with me anytime.

    I best stop now, I’m in danger of going well off track with this. I’m not mature enough to deal with naked bums this early in the morning yet.

    Love ya Mummy B


    p.s. Bruce is a lucky man, he’s got a ‘bonzer’ Sheila there. I’m done.

  • Well said Mrs B! By her standards I’m at the bottom of the heap, but like you have a happy and successful marriage,clever and beautiful children, amazing friends and a big fat smile on my face!

    I pity her, poor woman is so very sad and pathetic, we should send her a cake to make her feel better!

  • Wondrous Mrs B. I find it upsetting that my children are already being programmed into the “you need to be thinner” mindset by others whilst I am trying to programme into them the “yes, we’ll help” mentality. I am larger than I am told I should be but seem to be doing ok on it…

    You officially rock T – and long may it continue xxxx

  • You rock! I want to fail in epic proportions if it means I rock like you do!!

  • Sadly that’s the problem with today’s societies, if you’re more then a size 12 you’re too big!

    To me it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 8 or a size 28! It’s not what’s on the outside it who’s on the inside! If you can’t except that someone is of a plus size then you are the failure not them!

  • Whit Whoo Mrs B, looking sassy and sexy in the pics lady. I am also a big fat failure according to that snivelling waste of a skin, but hey ho life’s too short to worry about what someone like her thinks. The only people I worry about thinking badly of me are my family and they all love me so pooh bum shit bollocks to her!

    Plus I want to be you when I grow up πŸ™‚

  • I can’t remember who said it first but ‘What you think of me is none of my business’ seems to be pretty apt when it comes to Samantha Brick. I often tell my therapy clients that what other people say about you actually says more about them and you have hit this right on the head.

    She needs to feel that she is successful because she feels insecure – and so would I if my partner of 15 years told me he’d leave me if I put on weight. I think I am about a stone heavier than when we met but if he said that I think I’d leave him!

    I feel sorry for her. She is obviously deeply unhappy but the rest of us need to ignore what she says and get on with our lives.

    Love the blog btw πŸ™‚

  • Brilliant post, adorable photos, it’s true, you are fab.
    (goes to peer into an empty fridge)

    Ali x

  • You’re gorgeous (but you know that already) and what a fat, sorry fab, post! I feel sorry for SB really. Could you write a post on how you managed to up your page views so well?!

  • I love you more than anything.
    Proud to call you my Mummy.

    If that Brick has any children I feel sorry for them, she is an embaressment. A reason why people may develop eating disorders, so for that I strongly dislike her XxxxxxxxxxxxxX

    • You and your brother and sister are the most amazing human beings ever. I am so proud of you I could burst. Seriously. You are spectacular.

      Now get up and make me a cup of tea.

  • I love everything that this post stands for!
    You have more success in your little finger than she has achieved in her lifetime x

  • Big is beautiful and you are larger than life, you were one of the first people to accept me and inspire me on twitter, you always make me laugh and keep me lifted when I’m down (even though you don’t know it.) Although I am a size 10, when growing up I was always told I was fat and told to cover myself up by my father! I am almost 50 years of age and only now starting to realise the size of my body was never a problem, he was (like her) and so I take my hat off to you to accept your beautiful self that you are in so many ways, you are loved by so many people, you do not need to change! x

  • Terrible, hostile voices in your head perpetrated by a society obsessed with body image! Fight it with all you’ve got! You deserve it!

  • Haven’t any idea who this Samantha Prick person is; how dare she insult the best G+T mixer in Fleet – or even Hampshire.

    Whatever you are doing wrong (according to SP) keep at it. It’s worked superbly so far!

    • thanks Hopalong!

      And apologies for subjecting you to the sight of my backside before your morning Cornflakes.

      hopefully the arrival of Mr B this afternoon will go someway to make up for it. He comes bearing gifts. Not baring.

  • I’ve only just discovered your blog, but I can tell I’m going to like it. Thank you for this fab post today. When my daughters are old enough I’d like them to read it (the blog and this post in particular) too.

  • Bravo Mummy B!

    You are a force of nature!

    SB, it seems to me, is as damaged as she is deluded.

    What I don’t get though is how on earth you manage to make time for all this. I must be drinking the wrong coffee πŸ™‚

  • Samantha Brick wants attention and nothing more. Therefore, she says ridiculous things in the press to get attention. We should all have pity for her as she is that insecure in herself she has to behave like this.

  • Love this ! Want to print it off and laminate on my fridge -well done for speaking out for REAL women of every size .
    Wow the photos … Fab- u – lous !!
    What would we all do without @MummyBarrow in our lives ! ?

  • This is my favourite blog of yours EVER!!!

    You are one hot MAMA!!

    You really can inspire so many people T – love ya!


  • Oh Mrs B. I love your Ranty Fridays and this one is bloody brilliant. And one of the other comments made me laugh. That woman is a tit and hope she reads your post!! Xxx

  • I really hope that awful woman see’s this post! You are just absolutely fabulous… and if that poor excuse for a woman comes out with ridiculous comments like that then I pity her. People come in all shapes, sizes, races but they are still a person, a person with feelings and there is so much more to them than what they look like. I really hope she crawls back under that rock she came from!

  • This is so awesome. Wish I was fat now so I could be as big a failure as you!

  • Cannot even comprehend how amazing this post and YOU are.

    Women like Samantha Brick need to be pitied. I’m a young woman in my 20’s and I aspire to be like you, so, so much more than I do the Brick.

    Well done you!

    PS: HOT STUFF ;)!

  • I’ve never even heard of Samantha Brick, or had the misfortune to read her article. Have heard of the marvellous Mummy Barrow though and know who I’d rather share my morning coffee with!

  • I don’t know who Ms brick is but she’s sounds really insecure woman.It sounds like she had some kind of mantra sounded out to her.Shall we send her cake? Nah, best given to those who appreciate it and don’t give a feck.

  • Firstly, wow look at you πŸ˜‰ *wolf whistles*
    I have some choice words about Ms Brick but they aren’t for public consumption!

  • Brick is getting attention for herself by saying outrageous things. Fact. I feel sorry for her. And don’t want to be anything like her.
    However, having read this post, I wish I was more like you – confident, popular, intelligent…..
    So who’s the big fat failure now?
    (Popped over from DorkyMum’s Something for the Weekend)

    • Well thank you for stopping by! And I am far from confident, popular and intelligent, well I don’t think so anyway. I just get cross alot! But thank you for your kind words.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! You brilliant big fat failure! (from another big, fat failure!) Xxx