Today is World Malaria Day

Malaria is something I have become more acutely aware about since becoming involved with Comic Relief this year.   When people sent me messages apologising for “only able to give you a fiver” my response was always the same:

that fiver just saved a life  because it buys a mosquito net

That simple.







Every hour


Every day

So to really drum the point home about how many people malaria is killing and why it is so important to do all we can to eradicate it, I thought I would invite you to read the statement below.    It was sent to me along with a copy of Mary and Martha, a hard hitting drama written by Richard Curtis about malaria.

If you take every person killed in a terrorist act in the last 20 years, and add to that every life lost in the Middle East since the Six Day War, and add to that every American life lost in Vietnam and Korea, and every other American conflict since …. Iraq…. Afghanistan….

If you take all those lives you’ve still got to multiply them by two to get the number of kids who die from malaria every year

And if you want to help please look at Malaria No More‘s website, where you can also donate.

Please forego that frothy coffee from an American chain today and donate it to Malaria no more instead.

It might just save a child’s life.  And that has to be a better feeling than a caffeine hit, surely?

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