The Gallery — The Weekend

Ahh who doesn’t love the Bank Holiday weekends that May gives us?  And so soon after the long Easter Weekend.  And that is the theme for this week’s Gallery

Our weekend was a mixed bag.  A 50th birthday party on Saturday night with a Land Rover converted to a pizza oven (yes really), an old water tank that was now in a garden and used to burn wood, and a disco in a barn.   All topped off with fireworks.   A great party.  We should have been camping but leaving teens at home and the fact that when the temperature goes down we realised it was freezing.   So we chickened out and drove home.

Sunday, I don’t really know what happened to Sunday.  It went by in a whirr of chores.   And Monday was mostly about Mr B working whilst I caught up on a pile of blog related goodness.   And then Mr B cut the grass for the first time this year and we stopped for ten minutes to enjoy the above picture.

Champagne.  For no reason at all.


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