Ranty Friday — Drivers Again

I am sorry that there is another Ranty Friday about drivers but, well, there you go.  There is because there is something that I am raging about on a near daily basis at the moment.    I do a 60 mile a day school run.   Yep, 15 miles each way and at the moment that route includes three, yes three, sets of road works

And whilst I could be ranting about the roadworks themselves, I am not.  I presume they are there for a reason and that reason is valid, so whilst they slow me down and make me roll my eyes when yet another day goes past and I see no-one “in them” working, I let it go.

No.   What infuriates me is other drivers in the queue.   They see a space, they have to fill it.  They have to be up the bumper of the car in front.  God forbid they should leave a gap TO LET ME COME OUT OF A SIDE ROAD AND CROSS TO GO THE OTHER WAY.    Or get through the queue of stationary cars TO TURN INTO THE ROAD MY DAUGHTER’S SCHOOL IS IN.

Oh no, God forbid that you should want to turn right into that side road whilst we are queuing at the temporary lights 400 yards ahead.   The car in front has pulled up there so I am going to go right up behind him?  Block the entrance to that road?

What goes through people’s head?

Oh well I am going to pretend I can’t see you trying to turn right parallel to me.   I will keep looking in front of me and ignore the fact that there is a queue of traffic behind you now that tails all the way back into the road works and so when the lights go green for me we can’t move forward because there is still traffic coming towards us.

Would the world stop turning if you pulled up short of the junction and left a gap?  No it would not.

So pack it in.   Stop parking across junctions.   It causes all sorts of congestion and in the case of the turning for my daughter’s school there is going to be an accident as cars try and squeeze out on to the road to turn right away from the lights, as cars such as me are trying to turn right into the road.   All between two drivers who feel they are entitled to park across the gap just because there is a space.

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  • Yep, I’m with you on that. I try to let people out as often as I can for this reason unless I’ve already let several people out then I get worried the people behind me are going to get fed up. And do what, I don’t know. The anxiety just shifts from respect for drivers trying to get into traffic to the drivers behind me who are getting slowed down by my eagerness to help!

  • I have even had people try to overtake me at the lights as I turn right into my own driveway! Grrrrrr to the roadworks with only 2 people working on them at a time! PS You know they’re well behind and will be there til Mid Jan? No surprise there then.

  • I hear you on this one! If I am in a traffic queue, I always make sure that I leave enough space for a car to either come out of the road, or to turn in to the road from the other side. It’s just common sense and manners isn’t it! Sadly too many people nowadays have neither.

  • I tell ya, there are no manners on our roads these days. People (usually men) think they own the roads and drive however they like. If we (women drivers in particuarl) dare oppose their driving skills, we are branded as “bloody women drivers”. My husband, who is the most patient of men at work, in the home etc, becomes a completely different person behind the wheel. Overtaking, weaving in and out, driving like a loonie because he can’t stand being behind anyone. I’ve given up telling him now because he’ll never change. But I use the A1 often and that’s like a race track. It always seems to be men who take the risks with speed, but they simply can’t stand anyone being ahead of them which is why they have this desire to “fill the gap”…

    CJ x

  • I’m so glad that I don’t have to do a school run any more but my time spent razzing up and down the Lancashire motorways has confirmed my suspicions that drivers of today are dreadful.

  • My friend actually had a full on confrontation with a woman who basically decided SHE owned the road yesterday, outside the school, and then proceeded to block the road, abuse my friend and other people and generally be obnoxious and awful, I will have to send her here, to have a rant, she was very cross at how badly behaved this woman was, and how rude. People seem to think they own the road, and can do as they please. Have to say, this is one of the reasons why I don’t drive, other drivers bad behaviour terrifies me! 🙁

  • Loving the picture and SO with you on this!! The staring into space trying to pretend they can’t see me drives me MAD!!!