New beginnings

It’s all change at Barrow Towers today.  And I don’t mean moving the sofa out of the way so we can get the Christmas tree in.   Or buying new plates to host family on Christmas day.  Or indeed redecorating a bedroom even.

No I mean proper change.  New beginnings resulting in a  real change in our family dynamic.   Today is the day that my gorgeous eldest daughter, the beautiful Miss C moves out.   And into a little flat with her boyfriend Mr D.

They have organised it all themselves, from viewing to referencing to  signing contracts to hiring a van to sorting out insurance and TV licences (and broadband being installed, which came before the insurance and TV licence).   They have paid for it all themselves.    They haven’t need us to be guarantors <looks at bank statement and sighs in relief> they have jobs that pay enough to be able to afford the rent.   They are debt free and ideal tenants.

And we are now a family of four.   We wont need to get the extra chairs out to eat round our kitchen table anymore.   We won’t need to shuffle cars to make the sure the person leaving first is at the front and not blocked in.

It’s all change

I could not be more proud.

Sad, yes, my little girl is all grown up and now running her own household.   Coming from work and having to decide what to have for dinner will now be down to the two of them.  In fact making sure there is milk in the fridge will be down to them.

The very fact they even have a fridge is down to them.   And to their hard work and determination to not waste money but to focus on saving and getting to this point.    They have been together for a long time, both have jobs that are by no means easy, Mr D’s physically, Miss C’s mentally, and at times physically, and have saved to be able to afford to do this.   No crazy parties, no drunken nights on the town or splashing out on lots of clothes or holidays.

I am so proud of them.   I have read two articles this week that have mentioned the breakdown of family relationships leading to teenagers being homeless.   I cannot begin to imagine the pain that causes to all concerned, or what has happened to get to that point.    My three children are my proudest achievement.    Ever.    Forget work, fund raising, blog stats, awards,  bonuses.   That is all lovely but none of it, none of it, makes me more proud than my three kids and the fact we have a relationship.

When that last van load drives off our drive tonight I am going to be a basket case.   My big girl has flown the nest.  Only ten miles down the road and on a road I drive past four times a day on the school run but that isn’t point.  That little Clio will no longer be on our drive.   That bedroom at the front won’t be full of moustaches and Jonny Depp.

I will be the basket case.   C will be fine.   Of that I have no doubt.

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  • Big Day Mrs B! She sounds like an awesome bird – which is a credit to her mummy and the fab job you have done bringing (or dragging) her up!
    Shall I have a box of tissues and a drink ready?

  • Ahhhh! Still look on the bright side – all the more room for my gin in your fridge 😉

    Seriously though, bon voyage C – luck and love for your new home x

  • Awwww, massive hug to you T and wishing the very best of luck to you all on this next big change. Exciting times but also heart wrenching ones. Thank God she’s only down the road, you can pop in for milk when you’ve forgotten to get some 😉

  • Wow. I am impressed with Miss C for being so organised and mature (not that I know her, just impressed with a young person taking charge of their life), and impressed with you, mum, for your very healthy approach to this. I will be anxious I am sure, when my time comes, but I hope to be as supportive and proud as you are today. x

  • oh bless you. I can’t imagine all the feelings swimming through you at the moment. I think it’s much easier for the child moving out than for the parents. When I moved out I was so excited!
    Best of luck to them and tissues for you!

  • What a day indeed. I never left home my parents left me! I cried so much I thought I was going to sick. I’m crying now remembering. It will be a big deal too for miss c. Thinking of you tonight x

  • What an exciting day for you all, it’s a long time until mine fly the nest but I got a little emotional reading this. Glad she’s still nearby and the very best of luck to them on their new adventure together xx

  • I can’t imagine the mix of emotions you must be feeling right now T. On one hand you must be so proud of Miss C’s level headedness and the fact that they have done this on their own, but on the other hand deeply sad for letting go a little bit more. Sounds like you’ve done a flippin amazing job, you should be proud of not just your daughter but yourself too for being the wonderful mother that we all know you are.

  • I’m feeling panicky at the thought of this happening to me in 20 years or so. She sounds like an absolutely wonderful daughter and I hope that I have the same brilliant relationship with mine when the time comes for her to move x