Ranty Friday — Hard Shoulders

Odd one this week on Ranty Friday but this is something that really does make me rant.  And actually shout at people as I drive past at 70mph.

The hard shoulder, the place you have to sit and wait for the recovery service if you break down.   No not the place for a wee, or for your child to have a wee, or for you to check the map.  Those things are not the subject of my rant this week.   It is people breaking down on the motorway and sitting on the hard shoulder.

In their cars

Or standing behind it

In a group chatting

Or beside their car.


That metal barrier is there for a reason, it is not decoration.  It is protect you.  Get over it.   Stand the other side of it.  Or go up the grass bank.

Do not stand beside your car.  Or think that by staying in your car you are in the safest place.  It is madness.   Get out of your car.  You are a sitting duck otherwise.

Over 250 people a year die having been hit on the hard shoulder because they don’t move and then get battered by a passing vehicle.

And I bet I shout “MOVE” to a similar number as I travel up and down motorways.   So please don’t make me shout at you



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  • I passed a car pulled over in the slow lane of a dual carriageway with his hazards on the other day as he stood there having a pee. In heavy traffic, bold as brass. It’s not quite the same but I feel your rage Barrow – I feel your rage!

  • Absolutely right! And this isn’t just a moan, it’s real life & death, and people don’t seem to get it.

  • Good rant; my hubby’s a mechanic and he always shouts at people too for misuse of hard shoulders and putting themselves in danger’s way. He’s drilled it into me never to sit in the car if I break down and it’s always stuck with me. I’ve linked up with my Room 101 post – it’s pretty ranty! 🙂