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Relax.   That is  the theme for this week’s post on The Gallery.  Relax?!!!!   Are you insane?  How the hell is that possible?

What a few weeks it has been, and this week is no better.   My life is just madness at the moment and I am struggling to keep all the balls I have to juggle up in the air so relaxing is light on the ground and it normally involves me just falling asleep.

But one piece of good news and something that I can now relax about is that Jonnie finally made it back from Kenya after a month, laden down with stories, photos, tales of life out there, and a rucksack full of dirty washing.

Stories of armed police trying to arrest them.

Tyre blow outs

Armed guards at the nature reserves (“We have two bullets.  One for the animal and if we miss, one for ourselves”)

Elephants so close you can touch them

Flinging baboon poo at crocodiles to wake them up

Wearing every item of clothing to climb Mt Kenya as it was so cold

Oh and the International Airport in Nairobi burning down three days before they left.

Their outbound flight was delayed and it was touch and go if they would make the connection in Amsterdam.  KLM were being useless on Twitter and I was beside myself trying to find out what was happening.  Sunday was tense.  Very tense.  Then this happened:




He was going to make it.   He was almost home.   After a month away, Jonnie was in Europe and only an hour away.

And relaxxxxxxxxxxx



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