Ranty Friday — Katie Hopkins

You may wonder a) who Katie Hopkins is and why she is appearing on Ranty Friday; and b) why the picture of a lemon and not a picture of her.

Well pull up a chair and let me tell you.    Katie Hopkins first appeared on the Apprentice, in 2007.  Nothing wrong with that.   Except she seemed to have a bit of a bee in her bonnet from the off.  She was always argumentative and decided to resign from the programme before getting to the final.  “I am chucking you before you chuck me” type thing maybe?   She used the excuse that she couldnt get childcare.  Really?  Seriously?  Call me a cynic but I don’t think so.

She would have disappeared into obscurity had she then not decided to shag a married man in a field and get photographed in the process.   Yep, she broke up that marriage (this is husband number two for her by the way, the first one was that old cliche of her boss).   But I am not getting ranty about any of that.

What people chose to do behind closed doors is up to them.

What I do get ranty about is when they then court controversy for the sake of it.

Because they crave attention and can find no other way of doing it.

For that is what I have decided Katie Hopkins does.

Chucked out of the army for being medically unfit she is striving to prove something, possibly to her parents, certainly to herself.  To the outside world, definitely.   Lord Sugar called her a “loser” on national TV.   Does that have something to do with what she is trying to do now?  Prove she is not a loser?  Prove she is successful?

As what exactly?

Her regular appearance on daytime TV and in the Daily Mail spouting ridiculously judgemental views is the equivalent of a petulant five year old stamping her foot and shouting “LOOK AT ME DAMMIT”.

This woman has recently told us that she would never employ a fat person because they are lazy.

Don’t get me started.

This week we heard that she “judges children on their names” and that if she doesn’t like the name of the child she will not allow her children to play with them.

She doesnt like “celebrity names like Apple”.   Or names such as “Chantelle / Tyler / Brandon or Chardonnay”  Or “geographical names”.

Geographical names

What like, say, India?

As in your eight year old called India?


Do me a favour.

Previously we have also heard that Katie won’t let her children play with children “below them in the class system”.  That they are only allowed to play with clever children.   Because being clever is infectious according to a study carried out last year.  Is it?  Is it really?   Well I have been married to my maths genius husband for 10 years and I still can’t do my seven times table.

Katie says this

When one of my girls came home last week and announced that a classmate had filled up her star sheet for good behaviour, I made a mental note of the child’s name for future reference.

She is clearly the type of child who is eager to learn, ambitious and wants to work hard in order to be rewarded with success. And that is the type of child I want my daughters to play with and to learn from.

and I cringe.   I cringe for her children.   It is one thing to have your own views on the world but for her children to be brought up judging others on their name / their ability to finish their homework and on punctuality?!
Deluded.  That is what Katie Hopkins is.  Deluded and appearing to be be slightly unhinged if I am honest.    She needs to stop trying to prove a point.  Stop trying to make money by being controversial and most importantly of all, stop being  judgemental.
And as for the lemons?  Well she is just bitter, isnt she?

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  • I totally agree that she is a vile, vile woman. She is basically paid to cause controversy. The ‘This Morning’ website will have had so many hits of people going on to “complain”. Surely this is an advertisers dream! My initial reaction was to ignore. Surely if we all ignore her and the advertisers don’t get their hits & This Morning doesn’t get its publicity then she will quietly disappear. The problem is that she isn’t alone in having her disgusting, snobby views so it does not feel right to not speak out about it. I dread to think what she would make of my kids’ arabic, “immigrant” names!

  • She is a piece of work isn’t she? I think it’s all a bit of an act to keep her in work to be honest – like you say, it’s attention seeking. She’s This Morning’s dial-a-villain.

  • I tweeted her last night with my children’s names asking what class she would place me in, my children have a very classical name and the other has a place name, but if according to her thoughts the place name child is the one I would be screaming at in the playground, but how wrong.

    Another well written post x

  • I very nearly wrote a ranty post about this woman myself, but I decided to save my energy and direct them towards someone who’s not a complete waste of sin and oxygen. You’re totally right in you analysis of her, she’s another Samantha Brick who doesn’t give a hoot HOW much of a pranny she’s making of herself or how hated she is, so long as we’re all talking about her.

    Also, sucks to be her, I was a massive over-achiever at primary school despite coming from a council estate in Essex, with a receptionist Mum and a postman Dad. Her kids would be LUCKY to have been friends with me 😉

  • Wonder if we could lock her in a room with Kerry Katona for a few days? That should sort both of them out?!
    I am not that clued up on all these silly, “famous” folks but just google her and she is a nitwit of the first order!

  • I’ve said it before but at the risk of repeating myself… this is just panto.

    The world likes to have people to throw virtual rotten tomatoes at, and some media (notably the Fail and This Morning) do a great job of providing that product. It’s a very successful product – the more outrage you can create, the more page views you generate – and THAT is why the Daily Mail is pretty much the only newspaper making serious money from online advertising.

    Katie Hopkins almost certainly doesn’t believe what she’s saying. It’s a job. The editor will email their contributors and say, “Does anyone fancy writing a story saying X” and someone will volunteer and try and make a convincing argument.

    Their family and friends don’t care because they know Katie – just like Sam Brick – is just doing a job, which is essentially being an entertainer. You might not care for that form of entertainment, but if it’s not for you, don’t buy the paper, don’t watch the TV programme. It’s just silliness and in this instance, I don’t think it’s hurting anyone.

    • it is certainly hurting her children who are dragged into this farce then.

      Are they not going to be picked on in the playground? Are the other parents in the school not going to be saying things about this to their children and to Katie?

      If you think this is just panto I don’t think I can agree.

      Do you not want to question why somebody would live their live being hated?

  • Totally agree with everything you’ve said. These silly women seem oblivious to the fact that their poor kids have to grow up surrounded by the mess they make. Unfortunately though, until her face stops selling media she’ll appear in it 🙁

  • Can’t believe that awful woman is still being noticed by the media!!! Time to fire her once and for all!

  • That “woman” really gets on my tiny tits! I get so angry at her. Shes truly obnoxious. Sadly I knew someone like her, my disowned ex sister. Me me me, look at flipping me, still talking crap just to get a reaction – get bent Hoppy!!!!

  • I think this pretty much sums her up perfectly, she definitely just pushes and pushes until what she says is more judgemental so she will get a headline for 5 minutes.
    One word for her- ‘karma’ I am sure her children will rebel once they can make their own minds up, I really hope they bring home a fat, tatooed, Tyler home one day 🙂

    As for the India name-just hilarious, she made such a fool of herself saying she hated Geographical names full well knowing one of her kids had one!
    Sorry my rant is over now 🙂

  • Just seen the footage online after my husband told me I should see it – god knows how a man who claims to be snowed under at work knew about this on daytime TV, but anyhoo…

    Katie Hopkins is like a Spitting Image puppet. It was worth watching the clip just to see her try and wiggle out of why the name ‘India’ isn’t geographical.

    I’m pretty sure she’d hate my daughter’s name, which we chose because we were into hick Americana names at the time of her birth!!

    I really hope Katie’s son marries a girl called Chardonnay and together they have children named Shiraz, Merlot and Blue Nun.

  • Oh she sounds like a right sweetheart! For what it’s worth, I once had a ‘friend’ at school say they could no longer be friends with me as I didn’t take my studies seriously enough. Needless to say they did not have lots of friends themselves…

  • My sister drew my attention to the clip this morning – disgusting!!
    Although it’s clear she just wants to be controversial – it is still vile and I think she’s serious.

    What I found amusing was that my daughter’s Matilda and Felicity would probably sound appealing to her yet I’m sure if she heard me bellowing at them across the park she’d quickly change her mind. Occasionally I have to bellow because they’re high spirited and full of enthusiasm and personality – sometimes they’re late for school and the elder two have 2 unauthorised absences on their reports because I will not allow formal education to dominate their childhood.

    My son is over a year behind the rest of his class having moved from Ireland where he started later and being an August bday. He is labeled ‘working towards’ because his writing, spelling and illustrations are immature. Yet through his discussion etc it is clear he more than understands and grasps the concepts. I know many a wealthy and successful person that struggled academically, it’s not everything.

    I missed countless days at school, I’m not an achiever but am blissfully content and believe that to be far more of a success.

    I want my children to achieve, be ambitious and successful yet in their own good time – I do not want them to be found hanging in the school bathroom because they were under so much pressure to do well in their GCSEs (it wasn’t just one that committed suicide during my school years) 🙁

    I mostly wonder if anyone ever told her you can’t teach class 😉

    (sorry for the essay)

  • While people continue to buy the newspapers, continue to watch her on TV, continue to rant about how awful she is, she will always be in a job, thus threatening her children’s future who will no doubt end up rebelling in their teenage life.

    Best thing to do with these idiots is ignore them. Unfortunately, we have a greedy media.

    CJ x