Ranty Friday — No Snow


Snow drift

I have surfaced from the hell that is packing to write this post (and that could be a whole other rant in itself.  How on EARTH am I meant to get enough clothes into a bag for three days AND still come under the weight allowance?  I mean 20kg is bad enough but I am trying to just take hand luggage and there is a limit of 12kg.  Twelve kilos?  Seriously?  How on earth can I get my hair dryer, three pairs of shoes, clothes for three days, toiletries and my laptop and gadgets under 12kg?)

No, my rant today is about the snow.  Or lack there of.   The weather forecasters have been full of yellow snow warnings (yes, really) and that it is going to be minus seven and that “a person could die every six minutes”.   Yes, that last quote was an actual quote from an actual newspaper.   I nearly tweeted them and said “and it could snow elephant dung tomorrow if we are reporting coulds as a news story”.

But I digress

Wall to wall stories in the press about snow.   And we have none.  I have scraped my car.  I have frozen my fingers off and still there has been no snow.

This morning at one part of my hour long school run it was -6.    I threw my phone at the teen and asked her to photograph it by which point it had warmed up to a positively balmy -5.    But where is the snow.  The frost is pretty but I want snow.

I have seen other people’s pictures on Facebook and dammit I don’t mind admitting that even at the age of 45 I am jealous.   I am sick of singing “I want a build a snowman”  and not being able to do it.

And I know what is going to happen now.  This afternoon I am flying out to Kenya with Comic Relief.  Have I mentioned that before? It will be in the 30s over there which is going to be one heck of a body shock.  Especially when we come back on Tuesday and land at 6am.     In the meantime it is going to snow isn’t it?  I am going to see pictures of my own back garden full of the white stuff.

Which will, of course, have melted by Tuesday.

Do we ever grow out of wanting snow?  Is it just me that wants a snow day and to make snow angels in it and have a massive snow ball fight in the park?

Oh.  Okay then.

If it does snow this weekend will you save some for me?  I promise to bring you something nice back from Kenya.   You can follow our adventures if you are on social media by using the #LastingChange .    We might not get a lot of time online to reply as our schedule is crazy bonkers but if there is snow please let me know won’t you?

Photograph of snow courtesy of Shutterstock


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  • Have a rewarding trip!
    That might be an unnecessary wish – I know you devote so much to this admirable and valuable work.

    Can’t visualise the three of you on that plane journey!
    Can’t wait to read the details on the screen or in the papers!

    Safely home.

  • Oh my god that’s a ridiculous tempurature! We’ve not had ‘real’ snow yet either, it’s all hail/slushy rain that melts as quick as it falls. I’m no fan of waking around in the stuff but I do like how it makes everything look. It makes even the worst gardens look lovely

  • Yup, me too, and my kids – especially when the weather forecast says there will then be snow and it doesnt appear! Safe travels my dear xx

  • Yup, it’s -3 here, I have the heating on full blast all day (my heating bills are going to be awful) and my kids are desperate for snow! I am partly not so keen because, let’s be honest, London does not cope with snow, and it causes chaos, but part of me thinks, it it’s going to be this bloody cold, at least some snow would cheer us all up and the kids could have a day off to have fun in it. Hope the Kenya trip goes well! Safe Travels!

  • im with you, in that I’m sick of the weather forecast. No snow and to be honest no really cold weather here. Forecast -9 at one point and only had about -2. Don’t think the weather forecasters know what they are doing to be honest as seem to get it wrong. It’s either worse than they say which takes everyone by surprise or so much better which can leave you disappointed. But we are British and so much talk about the weather.