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Trees are my barometer of the weather and the ever changing seasons.   You might not notice the temperature dropping slightly after a lazy summer but you will notice the leaves falling from trees.   Once of my earliest memories is of kicking leaves on Wimbledon Common.   When the frost hits it is not the ground I look at but the trees.   Covered in ice they are almost majestic.   Heavy with snow, leaves bowing under the weight is how I think of them on ski holidays.   They are markers on my favourite dog walk, this is the tree where the mushrooms grow; this is where the rabbits hide; this one has the names carved into it of people we will never know.

I love trees.   Doesn’t everybody?  Certainly Tara does and that is why she has picked it as the theme for The Gallery this week.   There is something ever so calming about being in a forest, just listening to the leaves rustling.

At this time of year I love the light behind bare trees.  And so the pic today is of trees snapped on the school run this week.    7.30am and the sun is just coming up.   Is it going to be warm?  Or is it going to still be -4 at mid day?

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