Rawfest 2015


There is a new kid on the festival block that I am hugely excited about.    Well, it is new to me.    It is very different from a lot of the other festivals, and ticks alot of boxes for me.   In fact it ticks every box that I love, and that I hate about most other festivals (with the exception of Camp Bestival of course).

RAW FEST is a Healthy, Clean Living, Spa, Retreat & Festival

RAW FEST Retreat & Festival delivers a safe haven for all walks of life to gather, learn about clean living and healing technology, and to uplift our souls through a variety of creative arts. Set in the ideal environment by The Solent, experience a forum of global health & wellness practitioners, conscious leaders and eco-sustainable experts alongside imaginative, fun, artistic escapades, relevant lifestyle brands and vibrant food for a weekend of idea sharing, learning and community

This isn’t about seeing who is headlining on one of the 50 stages, or staying up until 4am to rave in a muddy field.  This is about learning more about ourselves as human beings, and couldn’t come at a better time for me.    The line up of speakers makes me go “ooh I really want to hear them” or “wow that sounds fascinating”, you can find a full list here:  Raw Fest, what”s on

There is also going to be a whole host of yoga, mediation, reiki, massage and reflexology sessions to book too.   Sessions that really feed the soul and that I will be dying to try out.  It is ages since I had a reiki session, and I miss it.  It is the one “alternative therapy” that really fixes me and makes me feel like I can conquer the world again.

Rawfest Food

And talking of food for the soul and food in general, the food at Raw Fest looks like it will be amazing.  No junk food / fast food crud.  Just wholesome, vegan, organic, raw food that really nourishes the body.  There is also a strict no alcohol policy (and it goes without saying, no drugs either).

RAW FEST can be seen as the benefits of raw foods but has since grown into a way in which we approach how to live our lives in a world filled with insurmountable choice. More and more people seek simplicity and seek connectedness with themselves and their community.

The whole event is summed up for me in this one sentence:

We see this time together as a “decompression party from your everyday life.”

A timely reminder that we live in a constant whirlwind of being connected to the outside world twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and often lose sight of what is most important.  Ourselves.

I can’t wait to visit this Festival for the first time this year.  I think it is going to be one of my favourite events of the year.

If you want to join me then you can find all the info you need here:  RawFest Tickets .   It is over the middle weekend in August, 14th, 15th, 16th and promises to be a magical weekend.

Do let me know if you are planning on coming along, I would love to meet up.

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  • This sounds like exactly the sort of festival I would love. I’m longing to go on a wellness retreat, to help me refocus and gain control back of my life… which I feel like I’ve lost somewhere along the way. It’s such a shame I’ve only just found out about this as we are booked up this weekend… one for me to bookmark and look into for 2016. Hope you have a wonderful time.