Reasons to be Cheerful

The great thing about reading other people’s blogs is that you come across great ideas.  Blog posts that you can read and learn from and then post your own.   I love this idea.  Posting reasons to be cheerful about your week.  Something to make us think about things we should be grateful about and sharing with others.

Here goes

1)  I got to see Papa Barrow this week.  He has been in hospital for a few weeks now after a stroke and whilst he has some residual loss of movement in his hand and foot his determination is now showing results.   There have been steps and it is looking increasingly likely that we are on the home straight now.       Was great to catch up with him and also with Lady Barrow who has been doing an amazing job of co-ordinating visitors, taking in goodies for the patient and still keeping up with all her own commitments.

2) I closed the last of my Victim Support cases.   Since becoming a volunteer I have been given six cases, all supporting victims of crimes with both emotional or practical help.   Closing a case is a great feeling because it means that person now feels able to deal with things themselves.   Being a part of the journey to that point is a privilege and I feel proud to have helped those six people reach that point.

3)  We have been lucky enough to stay at my parents place in London for a couple of nights.  It has been better than staying at a hotel!  Being able to work and look at the magificent view and enjoy the peace and quiet has been wonderful.  And it means I haven’t felt guilty about the twenty things at home that need doing.  Home is 50 miles away so it can all wait!

4) My children are all happy and healthy.   All doing well at school and college and just three amazing kids.  Can’t ask for anymore than that really.

5)  I had a day off this week!!  A whole day.  No work, no children, no nothing other than a day in a spa with my bestest best friend.  It has been over three years since I had a day like that and I came out like I was floating.

6) and finally I am very cheerful about going out for dinner in London tonight.  Mr B and six of our friends are off to our favourite place to eat in London: Le Beaujolais.   A lovely little restuarant down a steep flight of stairs that leads to an oasis of French charm in the heart of London’s West End.  THE best steak in the world.   Oh and wine.  There will be wine.


I can’t say there will be six reasons every week but it is good to focus on the positives, even if it is only one.   Let me know what your reason would be this week?


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  • Hello, I came accross your site day through a comment you had left elesewhere and then scrolling through I see you had joined in with #R2BC last week and received no comment love, so I could not let that be (did you link up?).

    Love your reasons, sounds as if your week was fabulous. Hope you had a great meal out.

    Mich x