Football or more importantly Tevez vs Sharp

I don’t know anything about football, and in fact, I would go so far as to say that I think it is a massive waste of time.   I do, however, understand that many people get passionate about it.

I must admit I get passionate when one of two things happen a)  Mr B’s beloved Man City thrash Man U 6 — 1 at Old Trafford or b) I hear of a player being paid an obscene amount of money in a new deal.

Tevez for instance.  He makes my blood boil.   Here is a man who is fit and healthy and being paid £250,000  a week to do a job he presumably loves.   Until for reasons known only to himself he refuses to get off the bench in a game.   Events progress and we then hear that he is threatening to take legal action against his employer.    I don’t understand that, I really don’t.  You are paid to do a job, you refuse to do a job, and then you threaten to sue.   I am sure that is a simplistic view and there is more to is but that is it in essence and to be honest, I couldn’t care less about the bigger picture.   The headline is just that.   A million Pounds a month.  To play football.

And then today we hear about Billy Sharp.  Not heard of him?  He is a forward for Doncaster Football Club.   Earning probably £10,000 a week.   On Saturday his and his wife’s two day old son, Luey, died.   Despite the pain of such an unimaginable loss he called his Manager on Monday and asked to play in last night’s match against Middlesborough.   How on earth he managed to pull himself together after something so devastating is beyond me.

Billy wanted to score a goal for his son.  And score a goal he did.  Despite being in tears during the minute’s applause that started the match he focussed and scored that goal in the first half.

Even the ref turned a blind eye when Billy lifted his team’s shirt to reveal his t-shirt saying “that’s for you son”.  Normally that would be a yellow card offence.  Great to see the ref seeing the bigger picture and letting it go.  Rightly the crowd applauded.

I hope Tevez has seen these reports this morning and seen that this is what playing football should be about.   Being a role model / putting your own feelings aside / doing what you are paid to do.    Making people proud of you and being proud of what you do.

Tevez you are a disgrace

Mr Sharp you a hero and you should be incredibly proud of what you have done.   My heart goes out to you and your wife.

More of a man than Tevez will ever be.

RIP little Luey.


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