Recycling tea caddies


Growing herbs in a tea caddy

Well technically this isn’t recycling as I bought the tea caddies especially but I thought I would share as it is so simple and, I think, looks fab.   I first saw the idea on Pinterest a while ago where somebody had planted something in square Whittards tea tins, all different colours and standing on a window sill they looked fabulous.

I have finally got around to recreating it but sadly I couldn’t find square tins so I bought the standard round ones from Whittards which were only £8 each, and come with a variety of teas.  I hadn’t really thought about what I would do with the tea, it did occur to me that I would a) put them in ziplock bags whilst we drank them (which, let’s face it, wouldn’t take long the rate I get through tea); or b) just wait and recycle them as and when they were empty.

Today though I was in our local gift shop getting a present for my granny and happened to see something that meant I could get on with my recycling straight away.   A tea box with six little compartments, for £14.  Bargain.   Each pot holds half a caddy of tea


No, I have no idea which is which either.  Pots of tea from now on will be a bit hit and miss flavour wise but what the heck.

Caddies empty and then ready to have herbs planted in them.   Et voila.

Herbs in tea caddy


Supermarkets all sell living herbs these days for a couple of quid but they come in a boring plastic pot.  So I have halved them and put each one, complete with soil in each tea caddy.    Lined them up on the kitchen window sill, and now I have fresh herbs on the window sill to hand whenever I need them.


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