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La Petite Echelle

You know when you read something in French and then you translate it and you think “well that can’t be right” so you do a Google translate on it to check on your rusty school French?   And then it comes up with the same thing as you just thought?  So you then think the website owner must have made a mistake? And then you wonder if this is enough questions with which to start a blog post Well that is what happened ahead of visiting this gorgeous place  last week.

It was no accident that we were taken here during our Comte Cheese trip by the organisers.  The location is stunning.   Whilst in the Jura region of France it is only about 10km from Switzerland and as you have lunch you can see Swiss mountains ahead of you.     That French phrase that I translated might give you some indication though of the building itself:

Nous n’acceptons pas la carte bleue (par manque d’électricité!)

When we got our itinerary and I then went to all the websites of places we were to visit this phrase leapt out at me.

We don’t accept blue cards (there is no electricity).

I decided this either meant that blue cards were something distinctly French and maybe linked to charging electric cards, ie you can’t charge up your cars here.   Or they didn’t accept credit cards as they didn’t have a terminal.  It couldn’t possibly mean they didn’t have electricity full stop

But oh yes it did.

In this stunning building, high up on Mont D’Or is a restaurant producing the most amazing food, with no electricity.   Or running water.   Health and Safety would do their collective nut in the UK, but the French seem to be more laid about such things.  And it’s damn good job they are because this place is stunning.

Look at this for a view

View from Petite Echelle

In the far distance that is Switzerland, in the middle distance are the cows that produce milk for the Comte Cheese.   Their bells provide the back drop to your lunch.

And oh what a lunch.   We started with fondue, followed by a cheese topping for bread, and then a mind blowing rosti with sausage on the top.   All rounded off with brownies and a stunning rhubarb tart.


We didn’t want to leave.

Even I fell in love with the fact the loo was of the composting variety and in a field with an en suite tree house.  And you know what I am like about loos.

Echelle Loo

Monica Galetti visited last year, and it features here on YouTube .    It truly is the most magical of settings for a restaurant.

And one of the most extraordinary buildings I have ever been in

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