RHS Wisley Glow

Back when things were open and travelling from home was allowed, Bruce and I went out for an evening at RHS Wisley to see their evening Glow event. In order to keep numbers in check it was a ticketed event, and because I am a member of the RHS I managed to get a couple of tickets half price before they all sold out.

As you know I am a huge fan of Wisley and love when they put on these special events (I wrote about their Great Houseplant Takeover which they put on this time last year) so it was lovely to have this in the diary as something to look forward to doing. It being solely outside also meant that we knew it would be safe attend, and whilst people didnt have to wear masks (except when walking through the ticket hall on entry) a lot of people chose to (us included).

If I had one criticism it would be that it still felt too busy and whilst there was a one way system in place, with marshalls around to stop people gathering in groups, it did feel as though there were some areas where people had completely forgotten they should be socially distanced. Other than that though, it was a great event with lots of places to grab a hot chocolate, mulled cider or something warm to eat.

How long does it take to walk around Glow?

It’s a circular walk and took around an hour with some of the light installations being accompanied by music too. An added bonus that all of it was paved so other than a few puddles there was no chance of getting overly muddy, and it was perfect for those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

Do I need to be a member to visit RHS Wisley?

No you don’t. You can pay for a ticket but you do need to book in advance on the website.

Is Wisley open during lockdown?

Wisley’s website is currently saying that as they are an outdoor space that people can use to exercise and get fresh air they are open. They do say that they are only open for people who live locally, or who are in tier 4 as that is the tier they are in but please check their website for up to date information as we are obviously no longer in tiers but are instead in full lockdown.

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