RIP Ranty Friday

I started Ranty Friday because I wanted to host a weekly linky and be part of the community that is blogging.  I also wanted to limit my ranting to one day a week.  Increasingly, and generally as a direct result of time spent reading the Daily Mail, I was finding I wanted to rant more and more.   So I thought I would make myself just rant once a week so my entire blog didnt become a rant fest.

But I have now found that because of that I am not event commenting on stories I read elsewhere, instead “saving them up” for Friday and then by Thursday night something else has come along that I want to rant about.   Meaning the original idea gets binned and I have missed the moment.

I have always said that I started this blog to get things out of my head and recently that hasn’t been happening.

Life has also taken over recently and I find, like today, I haven’t even had time to write the post for today.  I know what I want to write about but I haven’t had a chance and it is approaching mid day.  That is rubbish if people want to write their posts and link up.

So I am parking Ranty Friday for a while.   I am going back to having a grumble when I want to and not saving it up for a Friday.

And maybe not grumbling at all.  I am trying to be more positive and generally happy.   And I don’t necessarily want to be known as the blogger that does the ranty linky anymore

So here is a picture of my daughter’s kitten.   Because there can never be too many kitten pictures in the world.   (thanks to @cabface for the pic).


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  • And there was I with the perfect link up for a Rant this week that I had been stewing over for a while! Fluffy Friday is fine but not just kittens please, they make me sneeze.

    • You can still have your rant and link to the RantyFriday page if you like, and use the # on Twitter adn I will find you. Please do, sounds like it’s a great post!

  • I’m in! Fluffy Friday it is. And agree you should be able to rant whenever you like, especially if its Daily Mail related!!

  • I feel similarly about Wot so Funee? I’m finding it a pressure. I guess blogs evolve as we do. I must say, I especially like your kitten and dog Facebook posts 🙂

    • I think #FluffyFriday might have legs then … might have legs… do you see what I did there? Did you?

  • What?. Harumph! Flouncing off now to slam some doors and stomp. I know that I only participated a couple of times, but I must say that I liked knowing that it was there as a “safe space” to vent, a confessional of sorts. Knowing that it is ok to express feelings that aren’t always “fluffy kittens” as cute as it is. Seriously- too cute! But totally understandable. I was all ready for a rant last week, and I was gearing myself to be as sensible as possible with it, but by Friday, the need to vent had gone. Luckily, I find that I tend to be in more of a “sunshine and lollipops frolicking about” mood. So if you do want to start a Fluffy Friday- I’ll most likely be up for it.

  • I’ll miss Ranty Friday. I’ve loved getting involved in the past. I’m in for Fluffy Friday though!

  • You are so spot on. I am SO up for #FluffyFriday too. Count me in for that. We all need more positivity in our lives, then the rants will just melt away…

  • That really is a gorgeous kitten picture, I love a ranty post – Looking forward to regular rant reading in the future! x