Happy 3rd Birthday Blog

Today this blog is three.   Just three years since I started blogging and what a roller coaster it has been.    Little did I realise when I started it all those years ago that I would be where I am now.

It was a shaky start.   This was my first post:  So this is it.      I had no clue what I was doing really.   No idea if anybody would read it and I was convinced I would get bored quite quickly and give up.   Sadly for you, dear reader, that didn’t happen.   I can’t imagine not blogging now.

Why?  Well because I am part of something much bigger.  I am part of a community that I can’t imagine leaving.   The blogging community is the most welcoming and inclusive I have known.  We might blog about different things but by ‘eck we are supportive.  Yes there are darker elements to bits of it and the occasional drama, as there is with any group of people that are passionate about what they do.  On the whole though blogging rocks and I recommend anybody who wants to voice their opinion, or share their talents, do it.

In just three years there have been awards nominations and victories, days out, weekends away, new toys to try, speaker roles and countless other opportunities that wouldn’t have landed on our doorstep without this blog.   There have been some astonishing achievements, notably of course Team Honk, none of which would have been possible without other bloggers all getting involved.   Bloggers raising over £42,000 for Comic Relief in two years.

And friendship.  In three years I have made friendships that I could never have imagined.   Friends that I now see as best friends.  Friends I cannot imagine living without.

This weekend I went to Blogcamp, a one day blogging workshop, run by Tots100, a network I am proud to be a part of.   I went for one reason only.   To meet Sally who runs it.   I hadnt met Sally before and wanted to thank her for all her support and to meet the legend that is La Whittle.   To then be asked to speak with Annie and Penny about fund raising was a real honour.

To spend a day with friends I have met before but rarely get to see, and to FINALLY meet people I have chatted online with for years, was a joy.

So here is to the next three years.   I can’t begin to imagine where the blog will take me in the next three years but I do hope you will join me for the ride.

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  • Happy Birthday Bloggy stylee Tanya! I’m super-glad that you started blogging, else we probably would have never met 🙂
    The Worlds a better place with a MummyB corner in it x

  • Wishing you a very happy blog day birthday 🙂 and now look what you’ve started I’m blogging too lol xxx love ya xxx

  • wow happy 3rd blogaversary Tanya!!!
    where is the cake????
    you are a youngser then in the blogging world – mine will be 4 actually possibly now this week, maybe today *runs off to look*
    anyway, well done you, you have crammed in an awful lot in such a short time
    a blog and a blogger to be proud of I would say x x

  • Happy Blogger Birthday 🙂

    Is now a good time to confess your strapline has confused me for as long as I can remember because I thought the photo was of a squash, and I couldn’t work out the potato reference? Only this weekend did it occur to me that the photo might be a potato.



  • I’m sorry, I’m just laughing at Sally comment now…..Happy 3 rd birthday hehehe

  • oh and this is to prove you wrong! We all read you and love you! Happy 3rd birthday!

  • Happy blogday to yoooooooooooou.
    I have to admit, I only turned up for cake but after seeing you on Saturday, I suspect I will need to fight Alice to retrieve it from your cleavage 🙂

  • Happy Blogiversary! I turned 3 last month too – wish I had found you sooner.
    2011 was obviously a very good vintage for bloggers 🙂

  • Happy blogoversary, you have touched so many lives in three short years… you wonderful woman!

  • Happy blogaversary! Huge congratulations on all that you have achieved and thanks for letting me tag along and feeding me banana splits and veggie percy pigs x

  • Whoop whoop. Wow, you’ve done all that in 3 years?

    I can’t imagine the blogging world without you in it, it’s a richer place for having you. x

  • *sings* Happy birthday, happy birthday, bloggy birthday, bloggy birthday. . . Sorry I saw you and your dress twin (hee hee) at blog camp but only fleetingly as I was in super chilled mode realising who ever I Didn’t get to talk to, I will see again soon in our lovely bloggy community. Was a great day! Hope you and your blog have had fun today! Love Claire x x x

  • 3yrs!? Is that all?? You are far too wise to have only been doing this 3 years!? I have been going 2 years…….This is not possible!?

    Oh happy blog birthday xxx

  • Blogging is indeed pretty amazing, as are you T. Here is to the next three years! Cheers Mich x

  • I have only been blogging for a few months and I totally agree I can’t imagine not doing it now. I have met – if only virtually so many bloggers that are so kind/supportive and encouraging in a way that my previous job brought me to tears with the back stabbing!

    Congrats on blogging for 3 years and to many years ahead.