Sandals Resorts and Katie Price — A PR win

I am sure it hasn’t escaped your attention but Katie Price aka Jordan, married for the third time this week at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas.   To a bloke she has known for six weeks.  Because her psychic told her she would marry a guy called Kevin.   He is called Kieran and Katie says that is close enough.

Isn’t that lovely?

Doesn’t that teach her daughter all she needs to know about how to find a man to settle down with?

Well it seems Ms Price got her thong in twist about the resort itself.   Heaven forfend, the gazebo was collapsed and taken out in a wheelbarrow.    How dreadfully traumatic that must have been.  I mean, really.   How would she rather the ridiculously cumbersome item be taken out?  Carried by nymphs?

And shock of shock her butler thought she was a porn star.  I cannot imagine where he got that idea from.  Bad man.   And Katie got cross.

So she did what all of us women do, she took to writing about it online, in her case in her newspaper column.  She didn’t complain at the time, at the resort.   No.   She decided she would just complain publicly by referring to Sandals as being more like a “smelly flip flop”.

At which point Sandals PR issued a statement.

A fairly non descript statement that simply states the facts as they see it.

Until you get to the last line of the seventh paragraph.

…. on condition she does not choose our resorts for any future weddings or stays.

They are saying what we are all thinking.   This won’t be the last wedding.

That my friends is priceless  (see what I did there?)


Oh forget it




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  • Hehe is that what the butler thought?? Haha that’s really funny (and completely understandable). I think she’s got them a tonne of positive PR without meaning to. Priceless.

    • I also love the thinly veiled dig in the line about the butler “…. who is used to dealing with VIPs” The implication being she is not?!

  • The statement made me giggle, I have gone from hating to liking and now back to hating that woman, she does nothing to help woman, sad lady who requires so much attention x

  • With respect, I don’t think we can judge what impression she is giving to her daughter about marriage. Also, why not mention her sons? Many people have been married a number of times and are still held in high esteem. Liz Taylor, for example who says “I was taught by my parents that if you fall in love, if you want to have a love affair, you get married. I guess I’m very old-fashioned.”

    I do actually think that KP sees “marrying” as “inclusion into her world” and very possibly a new series of her show being commissioned and filmed. Not the reason you or I would marry but people hold certain values at very different levels.

    With regards to the privacy issue – that’s a totally different thing and one that sounds as though it was badly handled (accidently on purpose?) by Katie Price (or whatever her name is this week). She’s got her publicity – and, as has been said in the past, the one thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

    My favourite line from the Sandals statement is “…she does not choose any of our resorts for future weddings…” THAT’S the best PR spin imho – insinuating that this marriage isn’t going to last and she’ll move onto another husband soon.

  • Anyone how would wear a wedding dress that exudes such class clearly should be treated to nothing less than nymphs to clear away any wedding detritus…

    I’d not seen that PR statement until now and it’s more than a bit amazing, as is the Kieran/Kevin thing *snigger*

    It does all make you go a bit ‘eek, her kids!’ though doesn’t it?

  • Ok, I am going to name drop here. I have met her. When I worked at Great Ormond Street, she came for a visit, with her newborn son, because he was referred there. This is common knowledge, it was in Hello, or OK, or whatever the heck celeb magazine she sold the story too, so I am not breaking any confidentiality rules, some of my colleagues were in the photos etc. She was actually quite sweet in private, but seriously, the girl makes me want to scream. How can she make such disastrous life choices, rampage through relationships etc, and still expect us to respect and admire her…? I don’t understand how she is supposed to be a role model or any kind of example to her children, when she behaves like this. I don’t think she’s horrible, but really she does need to sort herself out. I also want to wash all the make up off her face, cut off those dreadful extensions, and make her put on some decent clothes, I feel like a grandmother disproving of a wayward grandchild. I am only about 6 years older than her, but I want to shake her, clean her up, and tell her to concentrate on being a mum, raising her kids, and to stop marrying anything with two legs, and a penis that comes her way and stays for more than a week!

    (Sorry 😮 )

  • Just followed the link from mumsnet about your #secretthing and saw this – I blogged about it too. I don’t care how good a mother she is, or how astute a businesswoman she is, she drives me up the wall!

  • Gawd Sandals………… are they still homophobically disallowing gay couples to stay or have they caught up with basic human values yet I wonder? As for Katie’s latest wedding antics, that is Priceless 😉 I feel sorry for her though, obviously not a happy bunny and it’s never nice to witness anyone’s emotional freefall. From a mother of a daughter, thx for making the point that this is NOT the sort of role model we want in the press for our kids. I am running a one woman campaign (when I say campaign I mean grumbling, occassional action taking whinge-fest) to rid the word of tabloid publications. I shove copies of Now/OK/Hello down the backs of chairs in dental/GP waiting rooms mainly. Or straight into the bins of friend’s houses. Frankly I feel the world is a better place for it. But I am biased.

  • Wish they had done spell check before releasing statement, brilliant though it is. Choose not chose, Am a bit of a nerd on stuff like that. Quickly checks my spelling 🙂