School’s Out

In the words of Alice Cooper, School’s out, and not just for the summer, but for ever


Ellie, the youngest of my three is now doing her final exams at school and then having a year out before embarking on Uni so for now, school is out.    I wrote in July last year about my feelings on not having to do a school run anymore when Ellie past her test:  no more school runs for me but this is it now.  Not only are there no more school runs, there is no more school.

There are no more reminders that homework is due in, revision needs to be done.  No more forms with tear off slips that need to be returned giving permission for inclusion on a school trip.  No lunch choices to be made.   No panics on a Sunday night when forgotten hockey kit is still in the washing machine but is needed for a match first thing in the morning.  No more late night texts with fellow parents arranging to draw the short straw and do a pick up of a mulitple children at 2am.

I won’t miss the “you are not wearing that” discussions on dress down days though, I have to to be honest.   Though it is Murphy’s Law we finally found a great website for clothes that we both approved of, not just for lessons but also for the endless round of 18ths / just passed driving test / start of exams / end of exams / it’s payday / got a boyfriend / friend has been dumped *  delete as appropriate parties that seem to fill the social calendar.     Clothes that cover enough for me to feel they are appropriate but that are still deemed fashionable for wearing in front of all her friends.    Whilst also being reasonably enough priced that I don’t mind buying something for the sake of it, or that Ellie can buy with her wages for the next “must attend” party.  (with super fast delivery too which is handy when most of these parties end up being spur of the moment events!)   And that don’t fall apart after two washes or go so out of shape they look like a sack after three wears.  They even have prom dresses that we both approve of which really is a first.   Shame hers was last year, although I am sure she will find an excuse to buy another dress this summer.

I can honestly say I am going to really miss the group of girls that have become Ellie’s best friends.  There is often a lot of bad press around all girls schools but hers has been a safe and nurturing environment for the past seven years and they have all flourished and grown into formidable young women.  Even the introduction of boys when the school went co-ed a couple of years ago was something they all took in their stride.

I can’t wait to see what they all get up to in the next few years and where their careers take them.

But in the meantime I am going to enjoy a cuppa and a lie in

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