Get your bedroom summer ready in five simple steps

With summer comes a new feel. Gone are the warm, dark shades we like to associate with autumn and winter and in are bright, light colours that give a fresh and airy sensation leaving us waking up happy and ready to face the day. But, before you pick up that paintbrush and start tackling your bedroom walls, have a look at our five simple steps to get your bedroom summer ready in no time.

1) Have a clear out

The best start to any job is to have a tidy up. Sort out your wardrobes and pack away any clothes that you wear in the winter months and fill your wardrobe with those lovely summery colours. Having a clear out is the best way to also clear the mind and give us focus. If you find your bedroom is full of other bits and pieces you haven’t found a home for yet, now is the perfect time to sort through those boxes. If you’re short of storage space, it’s worth considering investing in a divan bed with built-in storage underneath to keep your bedroom tidy. Mess will only spoil your relaxing summer bedroom. Have a look at for some ideas.

2) In with the new

If your bedroom furniture is looking a bit tired, and you don’t fancy going out to buy brand new items, you could jazz it up with a bit of DIY. Upcycling is very popular at the moment and it gives a real sense of achievement to be able to stand back and admire a piece of furniture that you’ve transformed yourself. Re-painting your furniture white, or adding some stencilling is a simple way to transform your room. Click here for some step-by-step tips on how to upcycle a chest of drawers and bedside cabinet.

3) Find your inspiration

It’s your bedroom so you can decorate it in whatever style you wish. Popular themes for a summery bedroom include nautical themes, seaside, bright colours and vintage chic but feel free to inject some of your own personality into the room by adding photographs and framed pictures or hanging items on the walls that have a special meaning to you. For more ideas, Pinterest is a really good place to start.

4) Decoration 

Once you’ve picked your theme you can start thinking about decorating your bedroom. That doesn’t have to mean re-wallpapering and re-painting. It might be as simple as just changing the curtains or blinds, choosing some different bedding or perhaps changing the lampshades. A few cushions on the bed or a colourful rug on the floor can also change the feel of the room.

5) Finishing touches

Less is usually more and a few items to finish off the look of your room can give it a real personal touch. If you’ve gone for the nautical theme you might choose a few items that coordinate – such as wicker baskets with navy and white decoration to store personal bits and pieces. If you’ve gone for the seaside or a floral theme, look for items that tie in with the theme. You might like to add a few shells on the windowsill for decoration or some artificial flowers in a large vase to stand in a corner of the room. Let your imagination run free and have fun.



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