Six things every new mother needs — AD

Ah, to be a new mother! It’s an exciting, overwhelming and terrifying time in life, but it’s one that you will wish you had back one day. As a new mother, you will work out that all of your planning throughout pregnancy isn’t anywhere close to as good as you thought it would be! There are going to be days you wonder how you organized anything while you were pregnant because you’ve forgotten everything you told yourself you needed.

Instead of beating yourself up about how prepared (or not) you are, it’s time to consider all of the ways that you can make yourself feel better in these hazy newborn days. You can ask friends to supply you with this list below when they ask what they can give you and the baby – including the chance to start a coffee subscription here! You’re going to need a way to stay awake and alert, right? So, with this in mind, here are six things that every new mother needs:

  1. Comfy sleepwear. From breastfeeding bras to loose trousers for comfort, you’re going to need something comfy to sleep in. With you being up and down out of bed at night, you’re going to need to feel less restrictive, and nursing bras are going to allow you to sleep comfortably without leaking all over the bed. 
  2. Cloth nursing pads. Speaking of nursing bras, cotton or cloth nursing pads are going to be a game changer overnight. Not only will you be able to slow down on those wet-shirt disasters, you’re going to be able to have the chance to be environmentally friendly, too. Cloth nursing pads are comfortable and absorbent, which is exactly what you need with a baby feeding often.
  3. An iPad. Setting up an iPad on a dresser by the nursing chair with your favorite show loaded up? It’s sent from heaven during a long night with the baby being up. You can press play and keep your subtitles on, allowing you to watch your show while comfortably nursing your baby.
  4. Food. Whether your friends get together to batch cook some favourites, or you have a delivery service nearby, you will find that food is going to be one of the most important things that you need as a new mother. You’re going to be able to focus on the baby and your new routines and not have to worry about whether you have to cook.
  5. Portable mug. That coffee subscription is going to work for you, but only if you have a good mug to keep your drink warm. This way, even when you’re busy with the baby, you can ensure that you are going to get the best drink ever! 
  6. Company. Postpartum depression is dangerous for mothers, and if you don’t believe us, just read up on it. Having family and friends drop by when you’re ready, or send a text to listen to you when you’re having a low moment is so important. It prevents you from “sinking” into desperation when you really shouldn’t have to!

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