Micro Scooter’s Micro Trike Review — AD

In their own words:

Our Micro Trike gives parents and toddlers the best of both worlds. A first taste of independence for mini explorers. The reassurance of a comfy seat and slick steering handle for parents worrying about ‘I’m tired’ moments. A featherweight 2.2kg, with a slimline frame and compact fold, the Trike is as portable as they come. Our ultra quiet wheels glide effortlessly over the ground. Our sturdy seat, adjustable footrest and rubber handle grips deliver the ultimate comfort. At the end of every adventure, the Trike folds flat – for popping in the boot, hanging in the hall, or sliding into a cupboard

which all sounds fabulous but how are they in reality? Well we have been lucky enough to find out.

We have long been fans of Micro Scooter, in fact I have written about them a couple of times: Micro Scooters and the Humble Apology was almost ten years ago and then Micro Scooters are for grown ups too in 2014 (featuring my parents who still use them up and down the Kings Road in Chelsea now). So, yes, we love them and have done for almost a decade. When they got in touch then to ask if might like to try out their Micro Trike with Lily I jumped at the chance.

To be fair, Lily is still a little young for it, as the recommended age range is from 18 months but we know already she is going to love being out and about it on in a few months. So far we have only test driven it in the garden where she was happy to sit on it, pushed by three generations: mummy, nanny and great granny Pat for ages this week. When we had all run out of steam she decided she then used it to do her own tour of the garden quite happily for another half an hour. It easily handled being bumped over the hose, and up the hill under the pear tree and over other bumps in the grass, not once did it get stuck, or threaten to topple over. As their own blurb states, at just over 2kg it is light enough for the smallest of people to be in charge of pushing it (though obviously only when there is nobody sitting on it) and when the small person is on board it is light enough to be easily manoeuvrable and doesn’t make your arms tired.

I can see this being a huge hit over the next few years and coming with us on many a day out, or even living in my car boot ready for an impromptu adventure. It is exciting to think that the next generation of our family is beginning their journey with Micro Scooters and that there are four generations of us using them now!

Available in Aqua, Black or Red the RRP is £89.95 but they are currently on sale on the website for £59.95

We were kindly sent a Micro Trike for the purposes of this review

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