This is not a post about my slippers per se.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a pair of slippers that I adore.   A pair of Uggs that were a much craved after Christmas present two years ago.   But it dawned on me this week that I am living in my slippers.

I don’t know why I am telling you this but as it dawned on me that I spend about 16 hours a day in my slippers it made me sad.   And I don’t even know where this blog post is going but I sort of had to get it out of my head.    The realisation that I no longer pick outfits to wear to work everyday, along with matching shoes.   I don’t really go out in the evening and get to put on those “special occasion heels”.   I don’t own a pair of posh boots that look great with that black dress.

Because I no longer work in an office I can spend my days in leggings and a tunic.   But lately that has made me feel scruffy.   And frumpy.  And I don’t like it.

Evenings out are to the cinema or the restaurants on the high street and don’t really necessitate getting dressed up.

The only time I put on shoes is to do the school run or walk the dog.  The same pair of shoes.   Plain black that go with everything as I live in black.   And it made me a bit sad.   Gone are the days of going out for lunch, or to meet friends.    Or lately of feeling as though I go out at all.   All my shopping is done on line so I don’t even need to go out and do that anymore either.

I have a few blog things coming up and I realised I also don’t have a decent half smart coat to wear either.   I have dog walking coats where every pocket has a poo bag in it (unused obviously) and that I don’t want to go to a meeting  in a fake green Barbour that I got from the local market four years ago.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to power dress but is it wrong to want to spend my days in something more than my slippers?

Yesterday I made the decision to do something about it.   Damn it I was having a new pair of shoes and a new coat.

Even if for the next few months I only wear them around the house.

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  • I will come down and take you out to lunch Mrs B and we shall wear nice shoes and dresses, not our slippers. (I have two pairs, one fox pair, one dinosaur pair). We can go when it’s sunny and wear sunglasses not laptop viewing glasses too… x

  • Any excuse for a new pair of shoes is a legitimate one in my book! Strange isn’t it? This whole not going out thing….I’ve noticed that as the children get older, everyone is working and socialising is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I spend so much time at home, sat at the PC, only ‘chatting’ to virtual friends and sometimes it dawns on me that this is indeed a little sad! Nice slippers though 😉

    • Very nice slippers. Dont get me wrong. I adore my slippers, they are the best pair of slippers ever. But I miss those days of having different outfits and the shoes to match.

  • Oh I hear you mummyB! My OH is away with work so much that I seem to have been struck off most peoples lists for invitations at the weekend (they don’t seem to want half a couple, at least I think that’s the reason!!), and working from home means often the only real people I see in a day, other than my children, are the postman and the DPD/FedEx men………slippers for me too!!

  • You go out and enjoy yourself shopping. I did just the same before Christmas. I got some beautiful patent blue shoes arrive at the weekend but it is too cold to wear them! grr

    Mich x

  • I live in my UGGS- they are completely worn in points but I wear them all day. Maybe we need a club, with monthly get togethers. And cake.

  • I don’t own a single pair of slippers, I wear my thick wholly socks, but I’m the same, i have my work clothes as I don’t work in an office either It’s jeans and a t-shirt most days, every time I see you though you always look lovely and smart x

  • I had a similar realisation recently, too. I haven’t worn make-up for months and my hair is usually scraped back in a ponytail. I’d love to pretend that its because I’m pregnant, but I was like it before, too. Once this baby is out, I’m going on a major assault of my appearance and making some serious changes. I want to feel like the woman my Husband fell in love with again (although, he’d insist he loves me regardless of it all) and have a bit of confidence again.

    Perhaps we need to arrange an EPIC night out later in the year to give us something to aim for?!

  • I’ve recently made a new group of friends, and one thing I like about them is that they get dolled up in black tie for no discernible reason. We went to Loch Fyne in black tie (I wore a tartan cocktail dress and black heels!) and it was bloody awesome. I’m now a big fan of getting dolled up just because.

    Saying that, I did the school run in my pyjamas last week. You can’t win ’em all. x

  • I found myself in a similar situation several years ago. Wouldn’t dress up, because why? Didn’t need to, wear a uniform for work, not even Church required it. But I went on a cruise and it changed everything. I took nice clothes because there were places to wear them. I took nice shoes because I needed them. I dressed up, and felt great about it. I decided “What am I saving this stuff for?” It’s like only dragging out the good china and silver on holidays. Why? Because it takes a bit longer? We’re worth it! Go buy a new coat and new shoes “just because.” Go get your nails done “just because.” Life is to short to save the “good stuff” for a special occasion…

  • Personally I wish I could live in my PJs, although sometimes it nice to slip on something a little special like a new pair of shoes or a gorgeous top to take us away from the frumpiness

  • I love your slippers! I need some like that they looks soooo warm! I spend most of my days in bare feet around the house because i can’t stand socks and my youngest(14 months) steals my slippers to play with(like she didn’t have a tone of toys to play with). But…i don’t miss going out and having to dress up as i hate the way i look and i always cry every time I have to do that. and when i go out is just for shopping , walk in the park with the girls or to visit friends. it’s been 6 weeks since i actually went out for a drink…i know…sad…but true.
    But i take what is nice of my day and i enjoy spending time with my girls. A lot!

  • I so know that feeling T! Since going self-employed (and discovering leggings) I’ve literally worn nothing else. Like you, tunics and leggings seem to be the norm for me now and I secretly long for the days where I could wander around Exeter, care-free, stopping for a coffee and reading on my own, or simply window shopping and taking in the scenery. The last time I went out for an evening, was over a year ago. Which says it all recently and with clothes for larger women costing a fortune, I’ll just stick with my leggings and tunic for now.

  • Look at your fancy slippers! I don’t have slippers, I just have big thick socks.

    Did you get your new shoes and a coat? Or is that a treat for another day?

  • Did you not even get new shoes for when everyone came to your house to see the FA Cup? missed a shoe opportunity there. But yes I do understand completely – but for me it’s the vest top.

  • I realised similar over Christmas when I went up to my mum’s and had to buy a new pair of slippers as I’d forgotten to take mine with me (cold floors I couldn’t survive 4 days without a pair) I totally live in my slippers. I pop them on in the middle of the night when I have to deal with a screaming child. I put them on as soon as I get up in the morning and I’m wearing them right up until I go to bed at night. I may have even (accidentally) gone to the corner shop in them. I once wore killer heels. No more!