So this is it….. I am now a blogger

So this is it then, I am now a blogger

I cannot believe I am actually doing this.  Blogging.   Ooh get me.

The very idea that anybody would want to read what I have to say on a regular basis.   Well, I suppose several hundred Twitter followers cannot be wrong.  Robots?  What you mean some of those might not be actual real people?  Right, so this is going to be read by just my kids and husband hoping I am not about to reveal closely guarded family secrets? Is that how it works?

In fact, how does this work?  I am using my best handwriting on this first page.  Like when we were in school with a new exercise book.   Page one was always neat and tidy and beautifully written.   Page 10, covered in Tipp-ex.  Pages 14 — 17 in the middle had been ripped out and from 20 onwards normal service had been resumed and it was covered in scribble.

The same could be true of this blog.

I do hope that isnt the case though, I am excited to see where this little corner of the web might take me, of what I might learn and that I can finally have a somewhere to dump my thoughts in more than 140 character chunks.   It’s also going to be a steep learning curve as I get to grips with learning about WordPress, themes, layouts, search engine optimisation and social media beyond Twitter.

I do hope you stick along with me for the ride



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  • >Hurrah, Hurrah and let's say it again, HURRAH!!!I am so glad you have decided to blog……I am going to pimp you around a bit now ;-)Love S.A.Mxxx

  • >Welcome to the addictive world of blogging! you do realise you will be sucked in now? 🙂