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  • Jokes about the thief being foiled just won’t quite crystallise for me; I’m so glad about this and I bet I’m not alone.

    What a poor advertisement for our modern society! Yet another example of theft of metals from public places. Bring back transportationto the colonies.

  • i was really chuckling at this, done get me wrong theft should never be acceptable, however surely the polices time is worth far more than £1 ! lol

  • Talk about stating the flippin’ obvious! A £1 roll of tin foil, from Poundland, really?!! As a fellow sponsor of Love All Blogs I am finally getting round to visiting the other sponsors sites! Love yours 🙂

  • In our local shop, there is a piece of paper stuck the the wall with a list of everyone who has shoplifted there that month, and the value of the theft. Mostly it’s stuff for under a pound.