Social Pix — March 31st

My school run is 12 miles each way and I do that four times a day.   It is a monotonous journey that I could now do in my sleep as I have been doing it for years.

Every so often though I see something that breaks up the journey, makes it more interesting or becomes a talking point.   Lambs in one of the fields, a house being built, flowers left in memory, presumably, of somebody who has been killed.   For the past week I have been driving past the above.

Icicles on the roadside in one particular spot.   Driving to school I couldnt work out how they were there.  Why they were there.   On the way back as I drove through a puddle I realised how and why.

It was minus one.    As it is a fast road it had been impossible to take a picture as there was always somebody behind me.   On Thursday though E saw an opportunity and took that snap.

Nature at its finest, don’t you think?

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