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I know it says they are for rubbish but when I saw the Sort and Go range from Brabantia I knew I had to use them for something else: storage.   Out utility room has a habit of turning into a dumping ground and since we took the door off it I can no longer close the door and pretend it isn’t happening.  Seeing it everytime I walk out of the kitchen means after a while the whole thing gets on my wick and I pull the whole lot out, throw a load of things away and then start again.

Sort and Go Brabantia

What I haven’t been able to do though is sort out the stack of cat and dog food.   Which we buy in cases of 48 pouches.  So there is a lot of cat and dog food around.

Alongside a load of recycling.  In fact we create more recycling than we do actual rubbish.   So with a variety of Sort and Go products the utility room now looks organised and clear.

I have to admit that I was surprised about the full range of Brabantia products if I am honest.  I thought they were just about the kitchen bins, and it was only when I recently went to a homewares show that I realised just how big their range is.

And how important the environment is to them.

Like, really important.

Take the washing lines for instance.  If you buy one of their rotary driers (which incidentally are all made in Britain) they will plant a tree with the help of WeForest.   So far WeForest have planted over half a million Brabantia trees.   Such a lovely idea and the range of driers is vast so you can get one to cope with the demands of the busiest household.  Is there anything better on a windy day than being able to get washing out on the line?   It always makes me smile when I peg out washing (though I do have a “system” to pegging washing and I keep meaning to blog about it, though you will think I am mad).

Whilst at that Homewares show we also heard about the project Brabantia are supporting with the launch of their newIcon bin.

Brabantia has teamed up with PlasticWhale, which describes itself as the first professional plastic fishing company in the world.  It is a social enterprise with a mission to make the world’s waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste. PlasticWhale started five years ago with a single challenge to build a boat made of plastic waste. Today, it has a fleet of six design boats made from Amsterdam Canal Plastic.

For every newIcon bin that is sold, Brabantia will support PlasticWhale to ‘fish’ more plastic out of the waters across the world, ready for recycling.

It comes in five sizes and thirteen different colours and will be launched next month so do keep an eye on Brabantia’s website for more information and pricing: newIcon bins


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